125 Camera Tattoo To Show Your Love Towards Photography

If you’re a photographer whether it’s professional or just as a hobby, you might want to show off your love for the art with a tattoo. When we talk about photography, we are talking about the old-fashioned method of taking pictures with a camera or Polaroid not using your phone. There was a time when there weren’t even digital cameras around. Remember the days when you had to use film to get a good picture?

There are a ton of great camera tattoos that are available to you that you can use to express your passion. A lot of cameras have been made obsolete because of the sophisticated smartphones that we have these days. If you are a true photographer, however, it is unlikely that you use your phone to take pictures. If you are looking for fresh ideas, then you have come to the right place.

Check out these 100 Camera Tattoos To Show Your Love Towards Photography:

  1. Light Bulb

This is a great tattoo that has a lightning bug with a rather large bulb on the back end.

2. Old Camera

Remember when cameras used to look like this? It’s a small design that can fit right on the ankle.

3. Geometric Designs

This is a pretty amazing tattoo that looks pretty cool. It shows a very detailed image of a camera and all the inner workings.


4. Stunning Images

Maybe you are a nature photographer and you want to represent your love for all things beautiful.

5. Bright Watercolors

This camera design looks awesome with the amazing and bright watercolor paint on the background.

6. Dragonfly Tattoos

This is a gorgeous image that can also show off your love of nature.

7. Circular Designs

A simple image like this is all you need to create an interesting style.

8. Detailed Images

Another great camera design that you are sure to love.

9. Cartoon Images

If you are looking for a small and simple tattoo design, then this cute little camera is the one for you.


10. Dark Bugs

If you like to photograph creatures then why not show your passion for them to the world.

11. Capturing the World

A camera is great for capturing the world when you travel. If you are a traveler, then this would be a cool style to try out.

12. Many Bugs

Another great image that represents a love of nature.

13. The Lens

It’s amazing what the lens of a camera can capture. As a photographer creating images is your job.


14. Stunning Tattoos

This tattoo has so many stunning details that they just pop off the arm. It’s a gorgeous tattoo that anyone would love.

15. Sleeve Designs

This enormous bug fits nicely on the arm.

16. Clear Messages

A cartoon image that is connected to a popular quote you love. It’s a great tattoo that will show off your passion.

17. Cool Bugs

A great tattoo design that is clear and concise.

18. Colorful Film

A colorful tattoo is truly unique. It’s a simple image that you can totally rock out.

19. Love for Photography

A very small camera that has a little heart in the center of it. This tattoo is small enough to fit anywhere.

20. Cool Images

This is a pretty cool sleeve design that has all the cool elements of photography in it. These are great images that you can really appreciate.

21. Detailed Bugs

A great image of a bug that is insanely detailed. It’s a wonderful design that anyone would love.

22. Rolly Cameras

This old-fashioned camera is sure to brighten anyone’s day. If you want to represent traditional photography, then this is the tattoo for you.

23. Splashes of Paint

This incredible camera design has some awesome colors with it. These colors are sure to brighten your day.


24. Polaroid Camera

Polaroids are awesome ways to represent what old school photography used to be like.

25. Canon Designs

If you have a favorite camera brand, then you can represent it with this design.

26. Heartbeat Designs

This cute design is unique because it connects your heartbeat to your love of photography.

27. Creative Designs

There are many creative ways that you can represent your love for photography and this simple message is one of them. How many times as a photographer have you told someone to “smile.”


28. Dark Designs

A small camera on the back of the neck that is dark in its design.

29. Shutter Styles

A gorgeous design that has deep and beautiful colors. We love that the eye is a camera shutter instead of a pupil.

30. Bold Styles

An unusual tattoo that is both bizarre and creative.

31. Bold Circles

A circular style that is made up of moths and these moths are starting to separate.

32. Bicep Tattoos

This tattoo of a camera is detailed and it’s placed on the bicep.

33. Shutter Styling

A simple shutter style that has flowers all over it. It’s a really unique style that you will love showing off.

34. Cool Coloring

This lens is a very realistic design.

35. Realistic Designs

If you want a camera design, then you are sure to love this realistic and detailed tattoo.

36. Tiny Camera

This little camera really stands out on the finger even though it is a small design.

37. Ankle Designs

If you are looking for a small design, then you can’t go wrong with this little camera.

38. Wrist Designs

A simple tattoo that fits on the wrist.

39. Sweet Hearts

A small camera with a heart in the middle.

40. Speckled Designs

A gorgeous image like this is sure to draw the eye.

41. Films and Shutters

These are large tattoo designs that are sure to fuel your passion.



42. Bold and Detailed

Another great image of a bug that is very detailed.

43. Geometric Bugs

These bugs are truly unique and eye-catching.

44. Small Bugs

If you are a fan of bugs, then why not try something small.

45. Shades of Color

A simple and small design with some cool colors.

46. Walking Ants

A few walking ants make for an interesting tattoo design.

47. Cool Cameras

A camera and a message are all you need.

48. Red Lines

The red heart inside the bug is very bright.

49. Line Designs

This tattoo is just made up of lines.

50. Geometric Cameras

A camera tattoo like this is really cool to look at.

51. Aperture Settings

There are so many cool ways you can represent your love of photography.


52. Simple Styles

You won’t find an easier tattoo design that this one.

53. Shutter Tattoos

Another great example of the shutter tattoo.

54. Cool Designing

These camera designs are the best way to show off your love.

55. Cute Styles

The little camera on the finger is super cute.

56. Arm Styles

Another great example of a detailed camera.


57. Colorful Designs

These gorgeous colors surrounding the camera and really make the tattoo stand out.


58. Simple Tattoos

Another simple design that you are sure to love.

59. Blue Shutters

Splashes of blue are all around this shutter design.

60. Dark Tattoos

Dark tattoos will typically stand out more than others will.


61. Flash Cameras

This is another very simple design that will remind you of old photography.

62. Genuine Hearts 

A simple design that includes hearts and a camera.


63. Bold Designs

There is a ton of detail to this camera tattoo.

64. Dotted Styles

A great style that is created with dots.

65. Scratchy Designs

An amazing tattoo design that looks like a drawing.

66. Taking A Picture

How cool is this tattoo? It looks like he’s taking a picture. It’s the perfect tattoo for a photographer.

67. Cool and Simple

A simple tattoo that holds a lot of meaning.

68. Paint Splotches

We love how the colors look like they are paint splotches.

69. Bright Shades

If you like bright and beautiful colors, then you are sure to love this design.

70. Shining Sky

This cool camera looks like the night sky in the lens.

71. Incredible Designs

Talk about an eye-catching design. This style is not only cool to look at, but people will be talking about it all night.

72. Mysterious Colors

A camera design that has some bold colors in the background.

73. Dark and Mysterious

This is a beautiful tattoo design that has so much detail that it looks real on the arm.

74. Casual Styles

If you want something casual and simple, then you can’t go wrong with this look.

75. Camera Head

This is a tattoo that really speaks truth to photography.

76. Drawing Designs

This is another tattoo that looks a lot like a drawing. The colors look like they are pouring down the arm.

77. Bold Lines

The creation of this camera has some very bold lines. It’s a camera tattoo that is sure to turn heads.




78. A Fun Escape

A cool image that has a special message for you.

79. Old-Fashioned Cameras

The rolly was one of the most expensive and old-fashioned styles of cameras available back in the day.

80. Bright and Bold

A Polaroid picture is a great way to cherish memories.

81. An Eye in the Lens

The eye in the lens is very realistic and the colors are bright and beautiful.


82. Basic Designs

A basic image that won’t take long to create.


83. Watercolor Styles

A small tattoo design that can be placed anywhere on the body. We love the splashes of color we see here.


84. Finger Designs

A very small camera that can fit on the finger.

85. Sketched Designs

A very small camera on the back of the neck that looks like it has been sketched on the skin.


86. Cool Camera Designs

A detailed camera design is all you need to show off your passion for photography.

87. A Closing Shutter

This is a pretty cool tattoo design that has a shutter closing in a few different ways. Talk about a creative idea.

88. Black and White

Two very cool designs and one is black while the other is white. There is also a third design on the bottom that is full of bright colors.



89. Smile Inside

A very simple style that is sure to brighten your day. It’s a very standard design that has some creative messages.

90. Sleeve Tattoos

What an incredible camera tattoo. It is an old-school camera that has a lot of detail to it. How could you not love a sleeve design that is creative and bold?



91. Check Your Settings

This cool tattoo goes all the way around the arm.

92. Simples Camera Designs

If you are thinking of a small tattoo design, then you can’t go wrong with this small camera design.

93. Cartoon Rolly

A great tattoo that is colorful and cartoonish. You won’t be able to stop showing it off. These are old school styles that have bold elements.

94. Floral Elements

A great style that is simple and looks great with the flowers around it. This is a cool image that you are sure to love.



95. Black Designs

This amazing tattoo is small and it’s colored black as night. It’s a bold design that is cool and unique.

96. Film Designs

This is a deep and dark tattoo that has some amazing film images with it. We love that it looks like pictures on the film. It’s a really unique and creative tattoo.

97. Rose Tattoos

A great tattoo design that has a camera with a gorgeous red rose behind it. How could you not love such a beautiful tattoo? It’s a classic style that is sure to make you smile.

98. Yellow Sunflowers

If you are looking for an eye-catching style, then you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous and bright tattoo. The tattoo is a scratchy and fun style that looks great with the sunflowers. It’s a large tattoo that covers the entire arm and the colors really make the whole thing pop.

99. Love Drawings

A cool tattoo like this one looks like a drawing. If you want a tattoo that stands out, then look no further than this one. We love how the lines are not exact, they go outside of the tattoo as well.


100. Classic Cameras

We don’t see cameras like this anymore. It’s a cool image that is sure to make you feel nostalgic. The colors are light and flattering to the skin. If you like vintage items, then you are sure to love this one.




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