115 Bunny Tattoos That Will Take You Down the Rabbit Hole

Bunny rabbit tattoos are some of the cutest tattoos that you can get but you might also be surprised to find out that the tattoos are also meaningful. Tattoos like this have a lot of meaning and they have become an inspiration to the people that wear them. They are a great tattoo because they come in many forms and they look amazing on your skin.

Would you be surprised to find that the rabbit is a symbol of fertility? Maybe that’s why there is the saying, “humping like rabbits.” They symbolize nature and the arrival of spring and a lot of people will take that as a free start. We could all use a fresh start at some point. Some cultures see rabbits as something that is so much more. They are a sign of family, rebirth, longevity, love, shyness, abundance, speed and even luck. Of course, many cultures also take the bunny rabbit as a symbol of Easter, a rabbit that brings gifts to children.

In the Chinese culture, the rabbit is a zodiac symbol for tenderness, compassion, kindness and elegance. There are many reasons to have the tattoo and it isn’t just because it’s cute. There are great elegance and symbolism to the tattoo. We have a ton of amazing designs for you to look at whether you are looking for a cute tattoo or something with a little more meaning. Check out these 100+ Bunny Tattoos That Will Take You Down the Rabbit Hole.

Geometric Designs

These tattoos are amazing because they are cool to look at. Geometric designs are very popular and it’s because of the way they look. 

Cool Vibes

This is another geometric design but this one has a lot less detail to it. It’s a cute design that is one of a kind, how can you not love a style like this one?

Cute Designs

Another sweet design that is going to put a smile on your face every time that you look at it. 

Darker Designs

Maybe cute and friendly isn’t what you are looking for. A tattoo like this has a darker vibe to it but that might be just what you are looking for. 

Simple Looks

A style like this is one of kind because of its sweetness. If you want a simple design that’s meant to be cute, then this is the one for you. 

A Mix of Designs

Is this a floral design or a rabbit design? It’s hard to tell because one is part of the other. It’s a unique design that you are sure to love. 

A Little Complicated

A gorgeous look like this is really creative. It’s a cool look that is bold and cool. It’s the kind of tattoo that people will want to try to figure out. 

We Love Skulls

Another dark design that is also a little mysterious. It’s a small tattoo that you can place anywhere. 

Silhouette Designs

This is a cool design because there is a rabbit inside another animal. 

Midnight Designs

A cool design like this practically hops off the skin. We love these bold images. 

The Rabbit Is Wise

How could you not love a cool design like this one? The rabbit is elegant and wise, just what we would expect from someone who is going to take us down the rabbit hole. 

There’s Something There

We can’t help but wonder what is going through the mind of this rabbit and maybe only the owner knows. 

There Are Cool Details

If you are looking for something more like a portrait, you can’t go wrong with this design. There are a lot of details here and it practically looks like a photo. 

It Comes From Nature

The rabbit is one with nature and we can see that now. It’s a tattoo that is truly one of a kind. 

White Rabbit

There are so many white rabbit tattoos that you can choose from. This is one that looks as if he is a baby. 

Cartoon Looks

If you prefer the cartoon style of tattoo then you are sure to enjoy this tattoo. 

The Legends Behind Rabbits

Yes, rabbits are cute and adorable but that’s not all they are. There is a deeper meaning to the rabbit image. It’s not just the creature we have come to know and love as children, the presence of the special Easter bunny. Many cultures see the rabbit in many different ways. The rabbit is seen as the animal of the Moon which means that it is recognized as fertility and virility. Some cultures even see the rabbit as a goddess. In Anglo-Saxon mythology, Ostara is a goddess and often appears as a white rabbit.

Ancient Britain adopted the idea that rabbits were adorable creatures that would lay beautifully colored eggs and these would be offered to the children during their annual spring fertility festivals. This happened every year and became a tradition in many cultures including our own and that was how the Easter Bunny tradition came about.

These creatures are cunning and through sheer wit and will they manage to get through some hairy situations and that’s because they are tricksters. The legends of this clever and cunning bunny come from the American South as the famous Br’er Rabbit tales. There is a hybrid of Cherokee and West African traditions that have stories of the clever rabbit and how he was able to outsmart other animals. You might wonder if that’s where Bugs Bunny was truly invented. The idea that the bunny is smart and gets himself out of messes has been around for a very long time.

Christians also have a tradition when it comes to the bunny rabbit. You’ve heard of the rabbit’s foot, the object that brings luck to people. People believe that not only will luck come their way but prosperity as well. These pagan symbols were often seen as a bad thing by Christians and they would condemn these symbols. Back in those days, seeing a rabbit wasn’t always a sign of luck. Sometimes it was a bad sign. There are people back then that used to believe that if a rabbit crossed your path it was just as bad of a sign as it would be if it was a black cat. Some people went so far as to think that rabbits were associated with witches and were therefore evil. In order to get rid of this curse, they had to sacrifice a rabbit in a particular manner to be done with it. That’s where the rabbit foot came from. If you were able to kill a rabbit, you would take its foot and that would then be seen as your lucky charm. And that’s where the whole idea behind the lucky rabbit foot came from.


Add Some Color

This is a gorgeous example of a tattoo that would not only be eye-catching but would make you feel like you have something special. 

All The Amazing Meanings Behind The Rabbit Tattoos

Rabbit tattoos have meant different things over the years throughout different cultures. The characteristics that represent the rabbits are the following:


Cunning & Intelligence

The Quest For Knowledge

Fertility & Virility

A Deep Connection to Nature

Paganism & Spirituality

Purity & Chastity ( Like the white rabbit)

Lunar Cycles & Moon

Prosperity & Luck


A Soft Touch

This is an amazing tattoo that looks like it could actually be soft. It’s a delicate style that is detailed and it looks so real that it looks like real, soft fur. 

Curious Rabbit

Another sweet tattoo idea for someone who wants the cute adorable rabbit 

The Different Rabbit Tattoo Designs

There are so many different variations of the tattoo that you can get but we will go over a few different ones. Some people go after the spiritual aspects of the tattoo for example, the White Rabbit. There are others who relate more to the witty and cunning Bug Bunny, while others are into the sexiness of the Playboy Bunny. There are many ways to depict the rabbit and they come in all shapes and sizes and allow you to add any extra elements to it that you want.

The Most Popular Designs Out There Are:

The Playboy Bunny Design

These styles have been around for a long time and surprisingly more women will get them than men will. You might think that the insignia that led the Playboy Empire was chosen by chance but that wasn’t the case at all. Hugh Hefner chose that animal because it stood for sex, fertility and virility especially in the Anglo-Saxon culture. They are after all the animals that like to hump with their mate with reckless abandon so it’s really not all that surprising that they would be a good representation for Playboy. The White Rabbit is seen as something that is pure so it’s likely the Hugh chose a black rabbit to represent the complete opposite.

Celtic Rabbit Designs

Rabbits belong in the spiritual world when it comes to the Celtic tradition so they are considered to be sacred. They were the messengers of God in that tradition and the burrowing that rabbits do are considered to be their way of getting close to the spirits to communicate. It was even said that they were the liaison between the fairy community and humans. When people get a Celtic Rabbit tattoo, they are acknowledging their strong connection to their tradition and nature along with the spirituality involved in that.

Tribal Rabbit Designs

Native American, Haida and Polynesian traditions usually have tribal tattoos as a popular choice. There are different patterns to chose from but the tribal designs always link back to nature and spirituality. Rabbits can be added to tribal designs because they are symbols of Paganism so when someone gets one of these tattoos it usually represents a spiritual connection with natural elements that are strong.

The Pure White Rabbit Designs

Not only is the White Rabbit seen as a pure element but it’s also a memorable character from Alice in Wonderland which was written in 1865 by Lewis Carroll. In the book, the white rabbit was the guide that led people around. We saw that same depiction in The Matrix when Neo was also expected to follow the White Rabbit to become awakened. The White Rabbit is seen as a symbol of finding the truth or moving towards a discovery. During the Renaissance era, the rabbits were also seen as a symbol of Chasity and because of that, we have often seen images of the white rabbits in certain paintings where there were Madonna and Child. Again, it depicts virginal purity and chastity. The Virgin Mary has also been seen in some images having a white rabbit at her feet or she was touching one.

Cartoon Bunny Rabbit Designs

There are a ton of different cartoon designs that you can get of rabbits and they are very popular designs. These images often bring us back to our childhood which is one of the reasons why people get them. Bugs Bunny is of course one of those cartoon images that people have loved over the years especially if you grew up watching him on TV. Some people who are known to be cunning or naughty will get a Bugs tattoo to represent their own personality of being a trickster. Peter Rabbit is also a favorite childhood choice of tattoos. He is one of the more innocent cartoons that you can get and the whole story behind the Velveteen Rabbit and his quest for achieving greatness is what a lot of people aspire to. There is also another very popular rabbit design that people get but it’s not really a rabbit. The Vixen from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, the memorable and seductive Jessica Rabbit is a popular design for both men and women. Jessica is a cool design that a lot of people have loved over the years.

There are many different designs that you can choose from and these are only just a few of them. You can see from the list that there are many different ways to represent the rabbit. There is fantastic art involved in these tattoos whether you get a detailed portrait or a cartoon design.

Before you go and get the tattoo, decide first what you want to represent for yourself with the tattoo. What message are you trying to get across? What do you want it to symbolize and where are you going to put it on your body?

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