44 Sweet Bow Tattoos to Brighten Your Day

Both men and women love body art. Although many tattoos can be worn by both men and women, some tattoos are gender specific. In this case, bow tattoos would be one of them. If you are looking for a sweet new idea for your next tattoo, then why not try out the bow tattoo. A bow tattoo is a fascinating choice for women and it comes with some inspiring ideas.

There are many reasons why women should get a bow tattoo. The bow tattoo has a lot of symbolism; you might be surprised. It means the tying up of something, possibly loose ends. The act of pulling back and releasing something. It’s a means of liberation for women. There have even been men that have gone for the bow tattoo because it represents suppression and release.

There are many choices in regards to designs when it comes getting a bow tattoo. Hopefully, through this article, you will find an inspiring tattoo design.

There are many meanings behind a bow tattoo one of which means that the bow is simply meant to be decorative and is quite popular. It’s at the peak of fashion right now. A bow tattoo can work well with any type of accessory. These tattoos can come in many different sizes and colors. The most common area to get the bow tattoo is a wrist, arm or even the leg.

Meanings Behind the Bow Tattoo

When people get the bow tattoo, there’s using a reason behind it. The meaning will, of course, depend on how you feel about it.

When people get a bow tattoo, it’s because of the symbolism behind it. Bow tattoos represent giving, female power, the present moment, a hug, expertise and the gift of love. Those are all beautiful reasons for getting a bow tattoo. Below are 44 Sweet Bow Tattoos to Brighten Your Day:

1. Hello Kitty

The Hello Kitty bow is a popular one and the hip is a perfect place for it.

bow tattoos

2. Thumb Tattoo

A small tattoo that fits perfectly on the thumb.

3. A Heart

This adorable heart bow is one that always looks great on the waist.

4. Dotted Bow

A great tattoo that is simple but looks really

5. Small Bow

A great bow tattoo that fits nicely on the back of the neck. The great thing about these tattoos is that they can be hidden if you don’t want to show them off just by letting your hair down. Or show them off by putting your hair into a ponytail. Small tattoos are great for behind the neck for this reason alone.

6. Sexy Bow

This bow is one that looks incredible on the waist. If you are looking for a little sex appeal, then you can’t go wrong with this tattoo. This kind of tattoo looks great for a day at the beach when you are wearing a bikini.

7. Ankle Tattoo

A bow around the ankle is a perfect addition; It’s a cute and classy design. If you love wearing heels, then you are sure to love this design. It works perfectly with heels and gives it a much-needed dash of class to it.

8. Thin Line

A great bow that has some thin lines, and it looks delicate on the back of the leg. There is no need for a lot of detail or even color to make a tattoo amazing.

9. Darkening Bow

This bow is a great one that can be worn anywhere. It’s a simple design but really cute. The dark lines help the tattoo to stand out really.

10. Creative Bow

A wrist design that is truly beautiful. A great tattoo that looks like a bracelet. I like that it looks more like a bracelet than anything else.

11. Elegant Designs

This design is one that is really pretty and elegant. It looks great as a shoulder tattoo. The floral elements really make it stand out as well. Gorgeous!

12. Pink Ribbon

A pink ribbon around the wrist makes for a great wrist bracelet. It’s thin and simple but really beautiful.

13. Long Ribbons

A great design that is simple and pretty. If you want a small design that fits in a small place, then try out this design where the ribbons hang long.

14. Polka Dots

Double polka dot bows are great on the chest. You can have multiple, and they look great together.

15. Lace Bows

If you are looking for elegance and sophistication, then you can’t go wrong with this lace bow.

16. Small Designs

Another example of a small design that can fit anywhere.

17. Little Bow

This little bow is sweet and simple. A small design that doesn’t take up a lot of room.

18. A Promise

These tattoos usually represent something that you don’t want to forget. A reminder of something important. I love the simple design that fits snugly on the finger.

19. Stockings

These tattoos are very popular these days. They make it look like you are wearing sexy stockings and they are just growing in popularity.

20. Hot Red

This garter is sexy and a bit mysterious. The bright red bow is shockingly sexy.

21. Small Elements

These small pink bows can fit anywhere and they are really pretty as well.

22. Blue Bows

A great tattoo that looks great on the hips. This blue bow is really cute. It’s small and simple yet completely perfect.

23. Bows

These bows on the bottom are a popular design. A great design that you are sure to love.

24. Simple Bow

A neck tattoo with a simplistic design.

25. Pink Bows

These pink bows are cute and they certainly stand out.

26. Green Bows

Another great example of bows on the bottom. We told you that these tattoos are the popular.

27. Hip Bows

These sexy bows are truly sexy. If you are looking for hip tattoos, then you are sure to love these.

28. Sexy Lace

A simple design that looks sweet on the wrist. Lace is true elegance.

29. Sexy Polka Dots

A great design of bows and they certainly look cool with some fishnet stockings.

30. Multiple Colors

A great tattoo design that is really popular. The fact that they are multiple colors is truly amazing.

31. Cute Bows

These bows are great because the bows always look great on the hip. There are little gems on it as well that are awesome.

32. Dark Bows

This design has a lot of depth to it, and the shading really makes it pop off the skin.

33. Simple Looks

A simple bow on the chest is one that looks great where it is. If you want to have a simple design, then this is the one for you.

34. Light Pink

A simple design with a light shade looks amazing on the back.

35. Ankle Designs

A couple of pink bows on his ankles really makes for a great tattoo design.

36. Bright Blue

Skull designs are always cool and these bows prove that. Why not add a little badass style to those cute little bows.

37. Matching Designs

Why not get matching tattoos with your friends? These designs are great and wonderful and you don’t even need to get the exact same style. Change it up a little and represent your friendship with bows.

38. Red Polka Dots

These bows are big and bold and the polka dots just make them wonderful. We can’t help but love these bow designs because they really stand out and draw attention to the hips.

39. Cute Designs

These bows look great with a wonderful pair of shoes. If you want to add a little elegance to this look.

40. Thumb Designs

Cute bows like these look great on the thumbs and the red really makes them pop off the skin. A simple design that is also really awesome.

41. Pink and Blue

Pink and blue always look awesome together; these are complimenting colors. I love the little heart in the middle it makes for an adorable design. If you are looking for a great design on the neck, then this is the one for you.

42. Wrist Tattoos

These wrist designs make for a cute design. They match and the colors really allow the look to stand out. If you have a love for bows, then you are sure to love this design.

43. Elegant Bow

A simple bow design that has class and elegance to it. I love that it matches well with the crown. A truly royal look.

44. Neck Tattoos

If you want a neck tattoo, then you are sure to love this design. It’s elegant and it can be hidden if you want it to be. Or show it off to the world, it’s an amazing tattoo.

We hope that you were able to find a tattoo to your liking or especially one that inspired you for your next tattoo. Now the next step is to get an experienced and talented artist to make your inspiration a reality. Once you have your tattoo you will be able to show it off to the world and that’s what getting a tattoo is really about, isn’t it?

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