71 Cool Book Tattoos That Are Pretty Badass

If you are someone that loves books or maybe you’re even a writer, and you want to represent your love for writing or just for books in general, then you could get a cool book tattoo. They are one of the newest trends out there, and a literary tattoo means having a truly unique tattoo.

Tattoos, in general, are a unique way of expressing your passions and the things that make you happy in life. If you love books, then why not choose a tattoo that represents your favorite book. Books in all shapes and sizes have been inspirations for tattoos for awhile, especially when it comes to children’s stories. A book brings you into a whole different world, one that you are sure to want always to remember. A book tattoo is one that can have memorable lines and even enchanting images; the sky is the limit for anyone that wants to get a book tattoo. The body art can be creative and unique you use books as a focal point. Many people have been inspired by books such as Harry Potter, The Little Prince and even Alice in Wonderland because it takes them back to a time where the memories are filled with joy. You can use quotes from these books or images; it’s totally up to you!

If you are looking for a book tattoo the check out the images below to see if there is anything that you would enjoy. Below are 71 Cool Book Tattoos That Are Pretty Badass:

1. Literary Quotes

A great tattoo that is beautiful and creative The quote just floats around.


2. Broken Skin

I love this tattoo because it looked like when the skin broke there was a world of words underneath. It’s an amazing tattoo that anyone is sure to love.


3. Beautiful Quotes

Inspiring quotes are always great to have when it comes to literary tattoos.


4. Flying Books

A great design that is truly inspiring. I love that the books turn into birds.


5. Simple Designs

A simple design of books can create a great tattoo as well.


6. Behind the Ear

An open book is just sitting behind the ear.


7. Popular Quotes

This quote is very popular and these books are so beautiful with their color and detail.


8. Edgar Allen Poe

A symbolic tattoo for those that loved the legendary writer’s prose.


9. Beautiful Designs

A stunning design that has a book surrounded by many feathered quill pens.


10. Third Eye

If you enjoy inspirational books, then you are sure to love this sort of tattoo design.


11. A Pile of Books

If you are a lover of books then maybe a stack of books is all you need to show your passion for the written word.


12. Vintage Designs

A great design that is unique because it’s vintage in nature.


13. Inspirational Quotes

A stunning design with a great quote.



If you love literary quotes, this is certainly a unique way of doing it. I love this design!


15. Floating Books

A great bunch of books that are floating on the back. A truly unique design.


16. Books Are Knowledge

A cartoon image that shows that books are knowledge.


17. Stunning Colors

It might as well be a painting the colors are so vivid with this tattoo. It’s a stunning sleeve design that has deep, bold colors that have bats reading books in the library.  It could be images right from the book, “Bats at the Library.”


18. Bundle of Books

A great design that has a cartoonish look to it.


19. Old School Tattoo

This tattoo looks like it’s a drawing, I love the detail on the typewriter.



20. Flying Pages

The pages out of the book are flying out and literally turning into flying birds.


21. Other Languages

Getting quotes done in different languages look really great on the body.


22. Simple Lines

A simple design that you are sure to love if you want a casual design.


23. Ships

A book can take you into another world, possibly one that involves sailing the seven seas.


24. Dreamcatcher

A detailed tattoo of a stack of books with a dreamcatcher beside it.


25. Letters

These letters are literally popping off the page.


26. Harry Potter

If you are obsessed with Harry Potter than get a tattoo inspired by him.


27. Detailed Designs

A great tattoo design that has so much detail and a mysterious hand with long nails.


28. Multiple Elements

You can add different elements to your tattoo to show multiple passions.


29. Dark Tattoos

These books are dark and mysterious.


30. Magical Tattoos

There is an air of magic to this tattoo design.


31. Fun Images

This tattoo has many fun images coming out of the book.


32. Fly Away

Another great example of a tattoo of books that turn into birds.


33. Wise Owl

A stunning owl perched on top of some books.


34. The Crow

An old school literary design from Poe literature.


35. Bird In a Cage

If you have a favorite book then why not get a tattoo that represents your love for the book?



36. Books That Fly

Another great example of the tattoo that has books flying around.


37. Have a Cup of Tea

A great cup of tea can make any reading experience 100 times better.


38. Hot Tea

If you enjoy a cup of tea when you read then, this may be the kind of tattoo that you’re looking for.


39. New Bookmarks

Remember the days when people used to dry out flowers inside of books? These ones look like bookmarks.


40. Colorful Books

Brighten up your tattoo with some amazing colors.


41. An Open Book

A simple design that you are sure to love.


42. Watercolor Art

One of my favorite tattoo designs are the watercolor images. They are so beautiful and having a book tattoo design as part of it just makes it that much cooler to look at.



43. The Galaxy

Imagine that kind of beauty coming out of a book, but it does! This tattoo is so beautiful because of the coloring; you won’t be able to get enough.


44. Cute Tattoos

A simple tattoo but one that has cute elements to it.


45. Climb the Ladder of Knowledge

A great tattoo that goes the length of the arm. You are sure to love this creative design.



46. Life Stories

If you love life stories or believe in the stories of your family, then you would love a tattoo like this one.


47. The Gift of Books

A colorful display of books that you are sure to love. Who doesn’t love the gift of books?


48. Popular Designs

Another great example of a tattoo with this popular quote.


49. Floral Designs

This tattoo may be symbolic of how the mind grows from reading books.


50. Handwriting

I love when quotes look like they were handwritten, it’s a very classy look that you are sure to love as well.


51. Reading a Book

A colorful tattoo that shows the adventures of reading a book.


52. Similar Quotes

We have seen this quote many times; it’s very popular but also a great one.



53. Hogwarts

Another great tattoo that’s based on the Harry Potter series.


54. Foot Tattoos

If you are looking for something small then why not try out a foot design.



55. Open Cage

A great tattoo that is very simplistic.


56. Stunning Mountains

A great tattoo design that is sure to please anyone.  The stunning colors of the mountains are truly beautiful, and they are just ripping adventure right out of the book.



57. Lots of Books

A great tattoo with dark colored books.


58. Reading Owl

This owl really likes to read, just look at that smile on his face.


59. Just a Quote

Use your favorite quote from a book as inspiration for your book tattoo. It’s a great way to show your love for your favorite book.



60. The Bowler Hat Guy

Combine poetry and a piece of art, and you have one amazing tattoo design.


61. Bold Colors

I love bright and bold colors when it comes to tattoo designs, and this one is truly amazing. The colors get brighter as it goes to the bottom and those paint drips are just amazing.


62. One Book

A great tattoo that is certainly simple.


63. Growth

The mind grows when you read, and I think that is what this tattoo means.


64. Flying a Kite

A great tattoo that is creative, as the book is showing adventure flying off just like a kite.


65. Ornate Designs

An ornate design using a popular quote.



66. Paint Splatters

I just love paint splatter tattoos because they are unique and oh, so colorful. With this design, you see many books amongst it, and that provides a beautiful design.


67. Book of Life

If you want to represent the stories of your families through books, then you are sure to love this tattoo.



68. Bicep Books

A great design that has a shelf of books going along the bicep with some books also flying away. He’s not just brawn, he has brains too.


69. Once Upon a Time

Each book has a splash of mystery to it, and it’s represented in the different colors.


70. Loving Books

A great way to show your love for books is through a quote like this one.


71. Always Learning

This owl is determined to read as many books as he can. If you are looking for a tattoo with detail, then this is the one for you.


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