75 Sexy Belly Button Piercings You Are Sure to Love

Are you looking to branch out a little and get a piercing, well then look no further than this article? The most popular piercing out there is the belly button piercing and we can see why. It’s sexy as hell! Some women choose only to get the dual stone belly button bar to complete their piercing experience while others will experiment a little bit more. If you want to shake up your piercing experience, then stay tuned.

You may not be aware that in some cultures belly button piercings can symbolize many things. They represent strength, fertility and even courage. Getting piercings has been something that both men and women partake in. A belly button piercing is something that is a little more popular with women than men.

There are many different ways to pierce a belly button after all. Belly button piercings are always done mainly from the top of the belly button. Then there is a barbell placed through the naval and it is studded at the end. If you want to go a little bit further, you could add some lavish charms or jewels to your piercing for an added effect.

You may not realize it but when you get your belly button pierced you focus on accentuating the form and shape of your body. That’s pretty important. “Those with outer belly buttons may opt for a piercing through the center of their belly button since there is not enough room to go through the top or bottom of it.”

There are many different elements that you can add to a belly button piercing. You may have often seen chains or even bands that connect to the piercing but also go around the waist. This is how others represent their personality or their own sense of style. Many women choose those options while others will stay with the traditional barbell or ring and that’s fine as well. Studded jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes and really the sky is the limit for the kind of jewelry you can get for your belly button piercing. Below are 75 Sexy Belly Button Piercings You Are Sure to Love:

1. Simple Designs

A simple barbell and this one doesn’t even have any jewels. Some people just like to keep it simple. It’s a great style that you will get hooked on. You don’t always have to show off; a simple belly button piercing is all you need to show off your personality.

belly button piercing

2. Add a Jewel

A simple barbell but this one has a jewel. If you like wearing a bikini, then it’s a great way of showing off your piercing. That’s the best part of wearing a bikini is to be able to show off that sexy piercing for all the world to see.

3. Cute Designs

A simple barbell design is enough to cause a splash. There are many women that prefer that simple touch when it comes to piercings.

4. Studded Designs

When it comes to piercings, it’s okay to keep things simple. Who doesn’t love to bare their midriff? The balls on the barbell are quite small, so it makes the piercing very simple. If you don’t want anything that’s too showy, then this is the one for you.

5. Dazzling Jewels

Jewels come in all shapes and sizes and in this case, it’s a little bit larger. The silver really pops off her tanned skin. It’s a look that you are sure to love if you have a simple personality.

6. Black Barbell

The black barbell is always a mysterious style that gives you that badass feeling. The shiny black really stands out, and it will give you that element of mystery that will have everyone talking about you. It’s sexy and alluring.

7. Sexy Style

This sexy style is one that you are sure to love for many reasons. One is that you can show it off at the gym. The belly button piercing looks amazing against her flat stomach. It’s the sexiest part of her stomach.

8. Accessories

Many women love to accessorize with their piercings and this is a great example of that. Who doesn’t love bling? It’s a great way to add some pop to your style.

9. Dreamcatcher

This stunning accessory is a little larger, but it’s really cool. The dreamcatcher is a statement piece, one that you can show off wherever you are. It’s sexy and it will show a little of your personality to the world.

10. The Pistol

If your personality is a little more badass then why not have a pistol accessory attached to your piercing. The black around the jewel really makes the whole thing pop out.

11. Pretty Colors

I love all these pretty different colors. There is quite the variety here that you are sure to love. The bold colors are truly alluring. Red, blue, green or even black. No matter what color you choose it’s going to be a beautiful one. You can’t go wrong with these colors.

12. The Crown

If you want to feel like a Queen then why not delve into a piercing that has some royalty to it. The crown is even red, so you will feel like royalty in no time.

13. Crown Jewels

This crown is all about the jewels. Wear the crown jewels with pride.

14. Pretty Crown

If you like bigger piercings, then you are sure to love this sparkly crown. The jewel is large as is the accessory.

15. Beach Accessories

This is a really great belly button piercing because the jewels are blue, not to mention there are shells and even a turtle. It’s definitely a large accessory if that’s what you like.

16. Solstice Sun

A great accessory in the form of a sun. If you have a sunny personality, then this is the piercing for you.

17. Floral Piercing

A great piercing that fits snugly in the belly button. The small jewels make for a pretty flower. It’s a gorgeous belly button piercing.

18. A Bullet

If you like hunting or just shooting at your favorite gun range, then this is the belly button piercing for you. The jewels give it a pretty element to the piercing as well.

19. Pink and Blue

Another example of belly button piercings for the gun lover. The jewels come in pink and blue to offer you a little personality.

20. Tight Stomachs

When you have a small stomach or a skinny waistline you probably don’t want to get a belly button piercing that is too large. In this case, it’s a perfect fit.

21. The Sunny Side

This beautiful belly button piercing is stunning because it’s unique. It has jewels as well as gold; it’s a stunning quality.

22. Double Piercing

This is an unusual piercing that is complete with a black barbell with an added accessory. If you want something different than this is the one for you.

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23. Double Barbell

If you want a truly unique look than getting a double jeweled barbell is exactly what you are looking for. It’s a sexy new look that is becoming all the rage.

24. The Bow

This is certainly a larger accessory. If you want a piercing with some class and elegance, then this is the one for you. There are jewels with a little bow to complete the style. 

25. Purple Look

I love the stunning purple jewels with this piercing as well as the added mermaid. It’s a cute design that anyone would love.

26. A Feather

A great accessory in the form of a feather, it’s truly beautiful.

27. Pink Dreamcatcher

A great dreamcatcher that is a larger one bit the pink really makes it stand out. If you love pretty pink, then this is the belly button piercing for you.

28. Chain Designs

A different sort of accessory and that’s in the form of chains. This belly button accessory is really beautiful because of the jewelry element.

29. Crystal Blue

Dreamcatchers are really popular these days. Add a big blue crystal to any accessory, and it will surely bring a smile to your face.

30. Small Piercings

This sexy midriff looks amazing with this piercing even though it’s small. If all you want is a small and simple barbell that is just as sexy as the rest of them.

21. Neon Green

Fun accessories are just a way of showing off your personality. Add a green jewel or perhaps a cowboy boot or an angel wing.

22. Simple Piercing

A simple belly button piercing that you are sure to love if you want something simple and unique.

23. Simply Silver

A great barbell that is just a touch of silver. It’s the perfect piercing for someone who likes to keep it simple.

24. Cannabis

If you have a little love for some natural plant life than maybe you want to represent it. It’s a cute accessory that is sure to put a smile on your face.

25. Great Jewelry

A great belly button piercing that is simple yet sweet.

26. The Dragonfly

If you have a love of dragonflies, then you are going to adore this piece of jewelry. We just love the purple that is involved here as well.

27. Studded Love

If you just want a simple stud, then you will love this jeweled piece.

28. Big Jewels

Jewels come in many different sizes; it all depends on your comfort level. If you are looking for a jewel choose one based on your waist shape.

29. Simple Pink

A simple belly button piercing that you are sure to love.

30. Simple Piercing Love

There is nothing wrong with keeping things simple, maybe that’s how your personality is. Belly button piercings are a great way of showing off your true personality.

31. Rocking Silver

If you like bling all you need is a simple jeweled barbell to complete your look.

32. Tiny Barbells

Barbells come in all shapes and sizes and in this case the barbell is a tiny one.

33. Tiny Blue

A barbell with some blue jewels is exactly what you need to make a statement. It’s a classy color that really pops off the skin.

34. Unusual Designs

A great barbell that is a little unusual. If you want something different, then you are sure to love this barbell.

35. Subtle Designs

A belly button piercing that looks really great with a tattoo. If you like some body piercings, then this is a great one for you.

36. Black Designs

A very small and very simple black barbell. It’s okay sometimes to keep it simple.

37. Great Accessories

Accessories can be great if you want a little more bling to your style. These accessories aren’t too big, but they add some flare.

38. Elephant Love

No barbell needed for this one. The large elephant completely covers the barbell. If you want a truly different design, then this is the one for you.

39. Black Designs

A simple black barbell makes for a simple yet elegant style. If you really want a simple belly button piercing, then you are sure to love this one.

40. Sexy Style

A sexy accessory is exactly what you need to complete your personal style.

41. Anchor Love

A great piercing that is all about the bling. Her midriff is being shown off by this anchor that has a lot of bling to it. It’s a sexy belly button piercing.

42. Fun in the Sun

A simple piercing that you can bear out in the sun this summer. It’s the perfect piercing for you.

43. Silver Barbell

A great belly button piercing that is all about the simplicity. A great style that is elegant but yet remarkable at the same time.

44. Sexy Sparkle

A simple, sexy sparkle is all you need to make an impression in life. We all could use a little sparkle in our lives.

45. Tree of Life

This double piercing is super cool. There are some jeweled elements here, but the tree of life accessory is truly striking. If you want an amazing piercing, then you are sure to love this one.

46. Sexy and Silver

A silver barbell that you will love just because it’s silver. It’s a unique way of showing off some personal style.

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