125 Amazing Baseball Tattoos for Sports Lovers

If you are looking for a tattoo that represents your love for the sport of baseball, then look no further than this article. There are so many great ideas that will help you to decide on a great tattoo.

Baseball is one of the most endearing sports of our time. We love the idea of going out and seeing a live ballgame, beer a ballpark Franks included.

If you have a love for tattoos and baseball, then why not combine that love and create something truly amazing? In the United States baseball is one of the most popular sports, so much so that there are billions of dollars being made on T-shirts, hats, sports equipment and memorabilia. Lots of people like to get tattoos of their favorite sports teams while others want something a little more creative. Both men and women and sporting baseball tattoo these days! It’s a great way to show your love of the sport. There are so many choices available for you to get a great tattoo that will show off your passionate. This article is a great way to get some cool ideas.

1. Inside the Mitt

A great photo that has the batter inside the mitt ready to hit that ball out of the park.


2. Favorite Teams

A realistic tattoo of the mitt and bats that go along with the initials of your favorite team.


3. The Rose

A great tattoo for women and truly original. The ball is blooming out from the rose.


4. Sexy Batter

This sexy batter is badass, and she is ready to win the game for everyone.


5. Wolverine Love

Represent your favorite team with their mascot; it’s a great way to show your love for your team.


6. Turtle Love

If you like cartoon tattoos, then you are sure to love this sweet design of a turtle up to bat. It looks like he has initials on the ballcap as well.


7. Crazy Designs

A great design that you can have fun with when it comes to your favorite team. This tattoo is a little crazy, but that might be exactly what you’re looking for.


8. Etched Skin

This tattoo looks like the baseball has been etched right into his skin. A great design for those that want a baseball tattoo.


9. In Memory of

A great tattoo idea for those that want to remember someone who had a love for baseball.


10. A Floral Design

A stunning tattoo design that is truly original. We have a baseball themed rose that is really cool looking. The sleeve is made up of different themes of the game.


11. Bloody Baseball

Certainly a different take on the sport, but if you like blood, then this is the one for you.


12. Fiery Skull

If you like the skull look, then consider this baseball themed skull, and it’s so hot it has fire coming from its head.


13. Angelic Baseball

Another example of a tattoo that is in memory of someone who had a love for baseball. It’s a cute design that involves a halo and angel wings.


14. Old Fashioned Theme

A great tattoo for those that love that old fashioned look to baseball.


15. Inside the Skin

A great tattoo design that has the ball appearing as if it’s inside the skin. The love of baseball has been revealed by the rip in the skin.


16. Remembering

Another great tattoo that honors someone that’s passed away.


17. The Name

Add the name of a loved one to your baseball tattoo to personalize it.


18. Arm Tattoo

A badass tattoo that takes up most of the upper arm. This tattoo is darker than most which give it a menacing look.


19. Loving Grandpa

A great tattoo to remember your grandfather who probably loved baseball as much as you do.


20. A Solid Tattoo

A great tattoo design that you are sure to love if you are looking for something original.


21. The Detailed Tattoo

If you like the detailed look of a tattoo, then you are sure to love this one because the detail involved is stunning.


22. Real Designs

A great design of the baseball bursting out of the arm. It’s truly unique.


23. Loving Baseball

A great tattoo design that is very realistic. I love all the details involved in this tattoo.


24. Blue Designs

This skull design looks great and blue, and it’s representing a favorite team.


25. Cross Designs

These great cross tattoo designs have the baseball theme coursing through them; they are pretty cool.


26. Breast Cancer Awareness

Combine your love of baseball with a great cause; you will never regret it. Always remembering those that passed from breast cancer.


27. Bright Red

The red in this tattoo is truly remarkable; you can’t go wrong with this baseball themed rose.


28. The Star

A bright and bold tattoo that is truly patriotic.


29. Cartoon Tattoos

If you like the cartoon style tattoos, then you are sure to love this one.


30. Patriotism

A great tattoo that truly shows your love of baseball.


31. Passing on the Love

A great tattoo that shows the love of baseball being passed along to another generation. Little boys always look up to baseball players, and that is how dreams are fostered.


32. Fiery Ball

A fun tattoo that has a ball being tossed so fast that it is lit on fire.


33. 3D Designs

If you like 3D designs, then you are sure to love this bold design.


34. Splitting Skin

A great tattoo design that has the ball bursting from the skin.


35. Sexy Girls

A great tattoo of a female baseball player, and she probably one of the sexiest that we have seen.


36. The Rosary

Add two beliefs together, and you get a great tattoo design. This one is quite cool.


37. Simple Designs

This tattoo design is simple in nature but still a fun design for someone who loves skulls.


38. Hilarious Designs

A hilarious tattoo that has the bat inside the ball and the ball is not happy about it.


39. The Hot Ball

A great design that is unique with the fire surrounding it.


40. Cartoon Ball

Another great example of a simple tattoo design that has a cartoon theme.


41. American Pasttime

And it’s true; people just can’t get enough of baseball.


42. Cross Love

A great tattoo design that has the baseball on the inside of the tattoo.


43. Loving Dad

A great tattoo for father and son.


44. Number Three

A great baseball tattoo that has a lot of detail.


45. Colors

A great tattoo that shows a simple love.


46. A Great Tattoo

Skulls and baseball, what more could you ask for? I love this tattoo for a lot of reasons.


47. Hardcore Skulls

Another great example of skull tattoo that has a baseball theme to it.


48. Favorite Teams

Get a tattoo that shows love for the team that you cheer for.


49. Loving Baseball

A stunning tattoo design that is truly unique and one of a kind.


50. The Red Bird

A great tattoo design that you are sure to love.


51. Badass Skull

A great skull design that has the baseball ripping to reveal yet another one underneath. An awesome design.


52. The Hungry Man

This ‘baseball’ player is really thirsty for blood, and he’s not hiding it at all. A truly unique tattoo if you are looking for something dangerous.


53. Memories

A great tattoo that is cartoonish and will help you to remember those that have passed.


54. Sleeve Tattoos

A great tattoo for those that want a big tattoo and the colors involved here are just amazing.


55. Classic Details

This tattoo is classic and detailed; I just can’t get over how beautiful it is. The details are just amazing; it’s like a drawing.


56. Rose Stitching

A great rose design that has baseball stitched right into it. Awesome!


57. Father and Son Themes

Fathers and sons always have great relationships when it comes to baseball. I love this special memory that has father and son together enjoying their love of baseball.


58. Bright Red Hat

The colors in this tattoo are extraordinary, the hat alone is incredible because of the bright red coloring.


59. The Stadium

If you love the look of the baseball stadium, then consider this cool design. It has plenty of detail, and it’s really quite amazing.


60. Cracked Designs

A great example of how you can add the baseball theme and a cross together. I love how the baseball within is all cracked.







61. Blue Hat

This one is certainly a brightly colored tattoo and one that you are sure to love.


62. The Catcher’s Mitt

A wonderful design of a catcher’s mitt. This tattoo is so amazing because of the detail involved in it.


63. Contemplating

A great design that has a player in deep thought. It’s amazing because of all the incredible detail involved in the tattoo design.


64. Apple Blossoms

This tattoo is very unique because it has apple blossoms surrounding the baseball. The colors are amazing.



65. Rosary and Baseball

Another great example of a baseball tattoo with a rosary.


66. Symbol Tattoos

A great tattoo design that is very formal in design. You are sure to love this tattoo.


67. A Signed Baseball

If you have always wanted a signed baseball, then this is a great way to get it.


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