75 Most Popular Baby Footprint Tattoos, Symbols, and Ideas

Need New Ideas for Baby Footprint Tattoos? We Got You Covered

Whether you want to commemorate your baby’s birth or looking back to your childhood, baby footprint tattoos are trending right now. We want to be connected to our family or simply feeling nostalgic, and a tattoo is a sure-fire way of doing that. As a form of body art, however, it is a permanent design, so planning your footprint will take some planning.

It’s time to bring out the baby book and bring out the baby prints. If you are still on the planning stage, here are some tips that can be handy while you prepare to stamp those baby prints.

Include the baby’s name with the footprints to make the tattoo more significant.

Tips on How to Have the Perfect Baby Footprint Tattoos

  1. Have a clear copy of the prints. Babies are weighed and scaled right after birth, footprints are also included for identification purposes, as well as birth commemorative keepsakes. Make sure to store your prints properly once you receive them. Also informing the attending nurse or the doctor that you plan to tattoo the prints can help you have clearer prints.
  2. If you lost your old footprint copy, you can go to the hospital where the baby was delivered and ask for a copy.
  3. Talk with your tattoo artists, especially if you are planning to get the footprints in actual size. Sometimes, the area of placement can affect the quality of the tattoo. Also, it might take several sessions before your tattoo is completed so that can also affect the end result if you are too much in a hurry.
  4. Take proper aftercare once you have had your tattoo. The risk of infection can be high if you don’t take care of your new tattoo as instructed. Remember, tattoos break the skin and there will be blood. Don’t take hygiene and health precautions for granted.

Feeling the Love With Baby Footprint Tattoos

Baby Footprint Tattoos With Name 

Tattoos are body ornaments that are highly personal, so it is no surprise that a life-altering event such as childbirth or children is a common tattoo design.  Also, make your baby’s footprint more meaningful by including his or her name, especially if you intend to display your tattoo. In a lot of ways, names give more emotional power to a tattoo. Regardless of the area, a named tattoo will always be a pride and joy of any tattoo marking familial love.


Monogrammed Tattoo 

If you don’t want strangers peeking into your privacy but still want to celebrate your child’s birth and the bond between parent and child, then choose a monogram instead of a name. You can either opt for an initial or the whole caboodle of the first letters of your child’s whole name, middle name included. Another option is to include a design element or symbol that is meaningful to you or to the person whose footprints you are inscribing on your skin.

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Multiple Baby Footprint Tattoos

Some people opted to have their baby footprint tattoos in a group, tied in together by similar design elements. Others got themselves inked much later than so it’s easier to have the kids’ names and prints in one go rather than getting inked one tattoo at a time. We suggest putting your new tattoo in a place where you can still add another one especially if you plan to have more than one progeny.

Realistic Baby Footprint Art

Then there are the tattoos that remind us that it’s a whole kind of art form in itself. The stylized design may be the trend now as well as itty-bitty symbols and icons, but we love artistic realism in our ink as well. Some tattoo artists go a bit further than just a mere footprint and ink the whole foot as well. Most of these renderings are not only based on the prints provided by the hospital but close-up pictures too.

It’s All in the Curlicue

Most baby footprint tattoos are in black and white, so another way to dress up the design is to go for elaborate calligraphy or artistic curlicue when it comes to the paired name. Also, this tattoo art trend becomes more obvious for girl baby names as the gracefully curved motif is mostly associated with females. However, we suggest that you look through the tattooist’s portfolio for different font choices.

Ideas for Baby Footprint Tattoos With Birth Details

Go for the extra mile by including the birth details of your child. Names and birth dates are great, but some moms and dads have opted to include birth time, weight and place. This new trend is particularly popular among first-time moms and we love how the details are incorporated into the design. Some designs have outright eschewed the footprint itself to simply retaining the foot shape. Check out these creative rendering of a baby footprint with all the FYI about the newborn child.

We love the creative elements that incorporated all that you would need to know about the baby and then some. But most importantly, the love shines through the ink. The tattoo really becomes a true expression of maternal love.

Footprint Memorial Tattoos

All babies are angels, but some have become heavenly ones and one reason why a parent would choose to have a footprint tattoo. A miscarriage or death of a child is very painful, but the bond between a parent and a child is commemorated and celebrated, though in a very respectful and personal way. Some parents in grief choose to have unnamed footprints, while some would include a date with the tattoo. Some have opted to have their child’s footprints tattooed as angel wings.

Tattoo artists have also shared that tattoos are often asked to commemorate a person or event as a remembrance.

Baby Footprint Shoulder Tattoos 

A popular place to place tattoos, in general, is on the shoulders. The back area can be very conspicuous and if you’re a proud mom or dad, it’s a great place to show-off those tats. Another consideration is that the shoulder area also is an easier place to ink a tattoo. And since it’s an area we don’t usually expose during our daily routine, healing can also be much quicker than an area that is exposed and will be much used such as on the hand or on the neck. Moreover, the expanse of space means most people have leeway to go for more bigger and more elaborate tattoo designs.

Some dads prefer to have their tattoos on their shoulders too. Some say it signifies a father’s responsibility towards his child, some say it means that the bond between a father and his child is forever. Regardless of the symbol, unconditional love remains true.

Where to Place Your Baby Footprint Ink?

Baby Footprint Tattoos on Arms

A popular place for tattoos are on arms, hence the prevalence of sleeve tattoos. For a baby footprint tattoo, forearms and the upper arm are popular because of the expanse of skin all ready to be inked. Also, remember to shave the area where you plan to have your tattoo and if you are planning to have the full-sized footprint, measure the area. You can also discuss the design with your tattooist to fit in a name and birthdate if you are inclined to include them in your new body art.

Or How About a Leg Tattoo?

Tattoos on the leg or thigh are meant for privacy, something the wearer would choose to keep to oneself. For a baby footprint tattoo, the thigh is also a good placement if you don’t want to resize your tattoo to something smaller. If you are an introvert but still want to celebrate the birth of your child or commemorate a memory, a thigh or leg is a good choice. Remember, these are places not frequently seen by people, especially in workplaces. 

Baby Footprints Tattoo on the Chest

In the tattoo world, tattoos inked in the chest area signify the people and things that are closest to the person’s heart. Moreover, the chest area is an important place. It’s no wonder, then, that a lot of parents wear their baby footprint tattoos on their chest. Aesthetics and practicalities, however, limit the option for some women. Also, women who are breastfeeding will probably choose to have chest tats after or maybe choose not to have one at all as breasts can be very tender during the breastfeeding period. Lastly, there are also health considerations and effects on milk production.

The chest area is also a place for remembrance. And in the tattoo world, it is also a place for significant bonds or meaningful symbols.

Fun and Creative Baby Footprints on the Feet

It’s a bit more playful, both literally and figuratively, to place your new baby footprint on your own foot. It’s also a private space where you can choose whether to let people see or not your special tattoo. However, an ankle tattoo is a different matter. Moreover, it is more associated with mystery and sensuousness with a lot of celebrities sporting ankle tattoos.

For some cultures and countries, feet are also considered as an erogenous zone. But body art is always an expression of individuality that includes feelings of love, grief, suffering, and celebration. Finally, another thing to consider when choosing the foot, you have to plan how to take care of your tattoo properly. That will include not wearing shoes or not being on your foot or feet for a while. Some people have also opted to have their tattoos on the soles of their feet, so that is something you can consider too. If you don’t want your tattoo to be seen, this is one of the likeliest places to hide it.

Ideas for Mini Baby Footprints

A lot of first-time tattoos that people get are small and discreet, though there are some who go big the first time around. This is one reason why you see some people sporting mini footprints.  Some mothers also find their baby’s footprints too big and ask if they can be resized. The mini-sized two-feet tattoos are also a symbol that pro-lifers use to represent a fetus. However, for a lot of parents, these smaller baby footprints are way more practical to inscribe their children unto the skin. If you want multiple footprints but don’t want a big tattoo, then these mini baby prints can be the perfect size for you.

Another thing to remember about smaller sized baby footprints is it will be harder to ink the lines of the footprint, especially for the mini ones. You can choose to retain the initial shape of your child’s footprint or get a bigger tattoo.

Baby Footprint Tattoos for Twins

Double the fun, double the trouble, but we love twins when they are around. The first thing to take into account is where you are going to place your tattoo because you will either end up with 2 prints or 2 pairs of prints. Second, how do you design the prints so the tattoo looks aesthetically good while retaining its emotional significance? Finally, size matters. Some babies are born with big feet and you’re bound to get 2 of them. To answer these questions, you can opt for one tattoo each arm or leg to represent one child. Or you can have a cohesive design created by your tattooist. Remember, they are artists who can integrate everything you want in a tattoo.

Quote Tattoos

Inscribed words as tattoo are very meaningful. Some are words to live by, thoughts we would like to remember forever, and some are sentiments that are meant to be emotional legacies. Quote tattoos together with baby footprints are symbols of parental love and you can see them too as validation for a parent.  You can choose a simple line to accompany your baby’s footprints or something longer. Some tattooist has shared experiences of tattooing prayers, especially for memorial tattoos. In these instances, words are weighted in flesh and blood.

Colorful Baby Footprint Tattoos

Your baby prints may be in black and white, but don’t let that hold you from using color. Use them as design accents or as a design element in itself.

Baby Footprint Ornaments and Symbols for Your Tattoo

If you want something more elaborate, integrate symbols such as flowers, stars, or abstract design elements. Some parents have chosen butterfly wings to symbolize the metamorphoses of births, while some want angel wings to symbolize the little angels in their lives. 

Stylized Butterfly Tattoos

First, a good tattoo artist will always help you design your tattoo. Remember that you are their best form of advertisement.  They can also incorporate the footprints and make them out to be the wings of a butterfly. Nowadays, the design motif is also gaining popularity as more and more mothers chose to have tattoos to commemorate the birth of their children.

Single Baby Footprint Tattoo

If 2 is too much, then opt for a single footprint. Some prefer the left footprint to go to the left side of the body and the right footprint to the right.


Traditional Baby Footprint Tattoos

You can also choose to have a traditional double footprint tattoo. It’s simple and clear-cut. What matters most, in the end, is the meaning behind the tattoo.


Baby Footprint and Handprint Tattoos

A trend gaining popularity is having both a footprint and a handprint tattoo. Some parents have also chosen to include birth details.

Baby Footprint Tattoos FAQ

I want to tattoo my daughter’s footprints on my arm but wasn’t able to have my son’s inked when he was born 3 years ago. Now I want them both. Help, please!

If you were not able to save your son’s footprints, you can go to the hospital where you gave birth to him and request a copy. Most hospitals will require ID and charge you for the copy. But if that is not possible, simply make your own footprint. Remember that a footprint is similar to a fingerprint and palm print, it’s unique to your child. You can resize your son’s current footprint to look like a newborn’s.

I have had 2 miscarriages prior to having my son now. Any suggestions for a discreet baby footprint? 

I understand that you would like to celebrate your son’s birth but don’t want to forget your previous miscarriages. If you still haven’t had a tattoo for your son, I can suggest having baby footprints angel wings or butterfly wings incorporated within your son’s design. Stars and cloverleaves are also design motifs for memorial tattoos that you can use.

Where else can I have a baby footprint tattoo? I want to be different.

Other places where you can have your baby’s prints inked include the side of the feet, the inner bicep, wrists, and the soles of the feet are quite uncommon. If you are opting for mini footprints, you might consider in between toes or on the fingers.

The tattooist I consulted with said it will be hard to resize my twins’ footprint. But they are humungous and I don’t want my whole thigh covered with their feet. What do I do?

Go to another tattoo artist. Maybe what would be hard some artists would be a walk in the park for another.

I want strawberries and apples included in my footprint tattoo for my daughters. Is it tacky?

Go for it. Tattoos are your personal means of expression and you can always work with your tattooist. If you are having second thoughts, ask yourself why. Also, if it’s just a passing whim, remember that tattoos are permanent. Finally, have your tattooist draw out the final design before starting with your tattoo.

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