75 Beautiful Arabic Tattoo Designs To Try

Arabic tattoos have been around forever, they are an ancient tattoo that is also very gorgeous. When it comes to the Arabic tattoo, it has a ton of meaning to it. There are even a lot of celebrities that have Arabic tattoos, they are just that popular.

The script is one of the most popular styles of tattoo, especially if you want to have your own personal message. It’s a cool look, but not only that but it’s super pretty as well. Some people want to have a private message, something they can keep for themselves. The best way to do that is to have a message in another language. It could have something to do with the person’s heritage, or you could just use a language that has nothing to do with you. It’s all in personal preference. Many people use the Arabic language to send out their message. There are many different options for an Arabic tattoo, the sky is the limit.

Check out these 74 Beautiful Arabic Tattoo Designs To Try:

  1. Bold Messages

This tattoo is found in the middle of the arm and it makes a silent statement about what you want to be written there. It is not visible to everyone and this makes it a type of tattoo which is partially hidden from prying eyes. It’s perfect for you if you are trying to avoid prying eyes.

2. Arm Tattoo

Ready to make a statement? This tattoo is written on the upper arm and located along the entire length of the biceps and will be easily spotted. This tattoo is beautiful though which means you can be proud to show it off to everyone around.

3. Full Body Styles

This is a tattoo which makes a bold statement. It shows tattoo designs written over the majority of the chest and the arms. It is ideal for tattoo lovers who are ready to fully express their love for tattoos and showcase it to all and sundry.

4. Small Designs

Cute and brief. This is the appropriate description for this tattoo. Carefully designed on the side of the upper body at the chest level, it is well hidden from prying eyes.

5. Celebrity Style

This tattoo is designed on the side of the body at the chest level. It is not too conspicuous and can be shown off when needed. It looks amazing on Selena Gomez and it’s a style that isn’t overdone.

6. Flowing Styles

A unique style that is larger than the rest. If you prefer something bigger than this is the one for you.

7. Wrist Styles

Carefully designed tattoo on the hands. Close to the thumb.

8. Shoulder Tattoo

This is a really cool shoulder tattoo that has the words trailing down the shoulder. It’s a creative way to change things up a bit.

9. Bicep Tattoos

A very simple tattoo design that sits on the bicep. You can have any message that you want.

10. Rib Cage Designs

It’s a gorgeous style that is larger than most and it goes down the ribcage.

11. Chest Designs

An amazing style that is truly unique. It sits nicely in the chest because it’s the perfect spot for it.

12. Arm Messages

A great style like this trails down the arm. A cool look like this is truly amazing. It’s tattooed in small writing that is unique and simple.

13. Intricate Styles

It’s a very simple tattoo that trails down the inside of the arm. There are more intricate elements to the overall style.

14. Sweet Messages

The Arabic language is very visually beautiful and that’s why many people like to tattoo it on their body. It’s one of a kind and it’s like having artwork on the body.

15. Tons of Tattoos

If you are interested in a lot of tattoos, then this is a great look for you. There are a lot of cool looking images here.

16. Thick Images

This style is totally badass. If you are looking for something that looks great, then this is the one for you.

17. Simple Styles

This message is symmetrical and it goes down the rib cage. Expect more pain though because it’s one of the most painful places to get a tattoo.

18. Thick Images

This message is in thick lines and it covers most of the hand. If you want a cool design, then try this one out.

19. Softer Elements

The thickness of the lines makes a big difference in how the tattoo looks. You have to decide the kind of look that you want.

20. Unique Messages

A simple line down the arm is all you need to create a message of your choosing.

21. Thick Messages

A dark message like this is sure to draw the eye wherever you go.

22. Thin and Soft

A soft message that looks pretty cool with the thin lettering. These designs tend to look more elegant and delicate.

23. Thin Lines

Another great example of how the Arabic language can look delicate and pretty just by using thin lines.

24. Flowing in Richness

These gorgeous lines flow beautifully against the arm, how could we not love the style.

25. The Chest Message

The Yin and Yang symbol looks cool in the middle of the chest with the Arabic language. It’s a simple language that looks beautiful on the skin.

26. Butt Designs

This is a more intimate image that you are sure to love. You can show it off if you want to or keep it personal for yourself.

27. Lotus Flower

A great design that has a beautiful flower in the middle. If it’s a unique tattoo design that you want, then you have to try this style out.

28. Side Styles

A very simple style that you can put on any part of your body. Though it does make a cool wrist tattoo.

29. Soft Words

Another great example of a tattoo design that goes down the arm.

30. Dark Elements

A tattoo design like this is dark and mysterious. The red and black colors look amazing together.

31. Bold Images

A great style like this makes for a beautiful tattoo that anyone is sure to love.

32. Cute Styles

This message is tucked away in a safe place. It has delicate lettering that looks pretty against the skin.

33. Matching Tattoos

If you want to share a message between family and friends then why not have an Arabic message that you can share together. Choose a message that bands you together and enjoy it together.

34. Bold and Beautiful

If you are looking for a large tattoo design, then you have come to the right place. The whole ribcage is covered and it makes for a unique style.

35. A Pretty Touch

There are delicate lines here that really stand out. The image here is special and unique and one that you are sure to love.

36. Under the Breast Tattoo

An under the breast tattoo is one that is truly eye-catching. Why not have a style that is completely personal to yourself.

37. Simple Style

Just a couple of lines is all you need to have a cool tattoo. It sits nicely on the wrist.

38. Ankle Styles

If you are looking for a tattoo that is sweet and small, then this is the right tattoo for you. It’s very simple and it’s relatively hidden. These tattoos always look great with heels because the tattoo peeks out at the right time.

39. Back Styles

A small tattoo on the back is all you need to make an impression. These are definitely styles that get more exposure during the summer months.

40. Wrist Styling

Another example of a great wrist tattoo. If you want a small tattoo, then this is a great place for it.

41. Spine Tattoos

It’s a bold tattoo design that goes down the spine. It is dark and really stands out. If you want to make an impression, this might be the best way to do it.

42. Strong Styles

A message on the bicep is all about strength. How could it not be, that’s usually the case when it comes to bicep tattoos.

43. Side Designs

A simple and thin style like this looks great on the side of the wrist. It’s another great spot if you just want a small tattoo.

44. Finger Styles

If a small tattoo is all you want, then you could easily get it done on your finger. It’s inconspicuous and easy to hide. The message is small and deeply personal to you. We love that each word is on a different finger.

45. Bold Messages

Another bicep message that is likely about strength. It’s also a great place to show off a tattoo design.

46. Side Designs

How could we not love a simple style that looks delicate and pretty?

47. Tall Designs

Another gorgeous tattoo design that looks amazing along the spine.

48. Delicate Hand Styles

This is a cool looking hand tattoo, one that you are sure to love.

49. Bolder Shades

Another arm tattoo that had some dark lines that are truly unique.

50. Longer Messages

A cool message that sits along the arm.

51. Henna Styles

This is a henna tattoo, so it’s not permanent, but you could easily have the same design made into a permanent tattoo.

52. Tiny Lines

The lettering here is very simple and sweet. It seems the smaller the letters, the more delicate the style is.

53. Foot Designs

A small tattoo will always fit nicely on the foot.

54. Across the Ribcage

A great style like this is all you need to have a cool look this year.

55. Shoulder and Chest 

One side of the body is fully tattooed from the chest and shoulder. These are all very cool designs.

56. Collarbone Styles

A very delicate design that sits alongside the collarbone.

57. Stylized Tattoos

A ribcage tattoo like this is all you need to be pleased with your look.

58. Top of Shoulder

This is an unusual tattoo design that sits right on top of the shoulder.

59. Long and Delicate

The long and curvy lines are what makes this a classy choice.

60. Cool Elements

Bicep tattoos are always popular especially for people who like to lift weights.

61. Sharp Lines

If you really want a style that is sure to catch the eye, then these sharp lines are sure to do it.

62. Sexy Styles

This actress knows how to show off a sexy side tattoo. It’s discrete and yet we get just a little peek of it.

63. Bold and Delicate

These styles are always delicate, but they are also edgy because of where they are located.


64. Full Body Designs

Another great example of a look for people who love getting lots of tattoos.

65. Medium Sized

This is the perfect size of tattoo for the location. How could you not love the style?

66. Different Styles

there are so many cool ways of showing off an Arabic tattoo. This one is included with a flag.

67. Linear Lines

This message is designed to go straight across the body.

68. Long Styles

A style like this goes right across the chest with large letters.

69. Cool Looks

How could we not love a cool look like this one? The sky is the limit for what you can use as messages as well.


70. Red Styles

You can virtually use any type of ink that you want to create this style.

71. Personalized Message

The best part of Arabic messages is that you can create something that’s completely personal to you.

72. Dark Designs

Another great back tattoo that has some dark lines that go across the back.

73. Stomach Tattoos

Tattoos like this are a little more rare; you don’t see a lot of tattoos that go across the lower part of the stomach. It’s not the most popular place to have a tattoo, but if you like the placement, then you should totally go for it. The lines are darker here which makes the tattoo stand out more.

74. Seductive Styles

The shoulder is one of the most popular places for a girl to get a tattoo. When it’s a small and delicate one, it can give a sexy vibe as well. Why not show off your own personal message on the shoulder.

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