101 Ankle Tattoo Designs that will flaunt your Walk

Women have worn Ankle Tattoos for Centuries. Today they are even sexier with the ability to move with each step giving life to each tattoo. The graceful way the tattoo fits on the ankle and the unique designs give ladies a much bigger choice. The fact is that tattoos are socially acceptable even socially desired by some of the most well-renowned women of our time. It is inevitable that you will want to select the Sexy Ankle Tattoo that makes you feel you’re giving out sex appeal with your walk.

Today the Sexy Ankle Tattoo comes in colors and an array of meanings. You can choose a typical tattoo or select a special one that has meaning to you. Placing your tattoo on your ankle gives you that added sex appeal that most women want to achieve. The tattoo can even match your ankle jewelry. Enjoy a Sexy Ankle Tattoo today.

1.Daisy on the Ankle

Ankle tattoo designs 1

The Daisy only adds to the beauty of the foot. Enjoy your favorite flower for a sexy looking ankle. This is one of the more appealing flowers to express your innocents and glamour.

  1. This Too Shall Pass

Ankle tattoo designs 2

Beauty in Verse gives this lady style and grace. Only added to her already beautiful legs a verse is always appealing.

  1. Wheel and Anchor

Ankle tattoo designs 3

The wheel of life needs to be anchored at some point. This is a sexy way to reveal that you are ready to be anchored in hopes of someone to guide you through life’s adventures.

  1. Let it be

Ankle tattoo designs 4

Only you dare to show off your ability to just” let it be” cause you know the answers. What a sexy remark for your ankle to show to the world! This is how you are and do not want to change. This is a gorgeous tattoo to wear with shoes or barefooted.

  1. Ancient India Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoo designs 5

This gives the Ankle that sexy appealing look every time you take a step! The intriguing way that this beautiful tattoo is placed on the ankle makes the foot look absolutely gorgeous. It adds an air of mystic to your already sexy appeal.

6. Moon and Sun

Ankle tattoo designs 6

Day and Night with a hint of an elephant for luck all the time. What a gorgeous look for the back of the legs. The Sun and the moon counting down the years of time; topped off with the elephant for that Sexy Appeal.

  1. Love that Cup of Coffee

Ankle tattoo designs 7

How appealing just to let everyone you know how you feel about coffee with the tattoo.

Let’s Have another Cup of Coffee

  1. Lotus Blossom

Ankle tattoo designs 8

The beauty of this flower only adds to the sexy look of your ankle

Ankle tattoo designs 9

10. Butterfly in Black

Ankle tattoo designs 10

What an awesome way to show off your Ankle with the beauty of the butterfly and a flurry of designs placed on your ankle.

  1. That Special Year 1988

Ankle tattoo designs 11

Show off that special year on your ankle.

Graduation, first date, Marriage, First Baby Born, it’s your year!

  1. Only a Daisy Will Do!

Ankle tattoo designs 12

The sexy comes out when you walk around with this beautiful flower on your ankle. It is small and dainty showing how beautiful you are with each step.

  1. Starfish

Ankle tattoo designs 13

The Ankle radiates with the Starfish and glimmer rocks on your ankle. What a way to show off your seaside adventures. Beauty on the ankle gives way to the beauty in the heart.

  1. Open Heart

Ankle tattoo designs 14

Leave the heart open and your love will always return to you! This design is meant for us all to show how much we care for someone special or to show how in our heart we love deeply.

  1. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

attends "The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion" Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 4, 2009 in New York City.

What a beauty you are with this mini star on your ankle! No need to say more!

  1. Anchor of Love

Ankle tattoo designs 16

The Heart wrapped around the Anchor shows that you are a person of a kind heart. When you walk this tattoo shows everyone your kind personality and true feelings.

  1. The World at Your Feet

Ankle tattoo designs 17

This is a very sexy meaning letting everyone know that you own the world! Whenever you step you already have the world at your feet.

  1. Message of meaning

Ankle tattoo designs 18

Place your message on your ankle to let the world know there is more to you than they will ever know. What meaningful saying would you like to display in a tattoo?

  1. Puppy Prints

Ankle tattoo designs 19

How sweet showing off that you are a pet lover! Perhaps you want people to know to adopt a pet! The puppy paws are very attractive and show that you care how animals are treated.

  1. Tie a bow around the Ankle

Ankle tattoo designs 20

Must See:

This will help you to always remember the important one in your life! What a sexy way to walk and cause mystery among your friends. Perhaps you are tying yourself up in a bow for that someone special.

  1. The Feathered Tattoo

Ankle tattoo designs 21

The charm of bird feathers on the ankle gives you that sexy appeal. It is a sign of good luck as well so perhaps this is the feathers of the Phoenix or a wise old owl.

  1. Carry the Rosary with you Always

Ankle tattoo designs 22

Beautifully designed with each bead, cross and Our Fathers emblem. It will always keep the sacred prayer close to your heart by wearing it as a symbol on your feet.

  1. Planet and Stars

Ankle tattoo designs 23

Seem like they are moving when you give that sexy walk. The Universe on display right on your ankle. Then you are being so demure with this innocent little tattoo.

  1. Butterfly Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoo designs 24

This cute butterfly enhances any ladies sex appeal when she walks. The favorite of most women is the butterfly and this one is all decked out with pinks, yellows, and blues.

  1. The Evergreen Tree

Ankle tattoo designs 25

Everlasting Life on Your Ankle Tattoo.

  1. The Cat

Ankle tattoo designs 26

Nine Lives and You together, what a wonderful way to depict your best friend!

Or are we talking the Mystery of the Cat!

  1. Roman Numerals of Love

Ankle tattoo designs 27

Recall the year you met or got married in the form of Roman Numerals

  1. Stars and More Stars

Ankle tattoo designs 28

An ankle full of stars that go up your leg. A fantastic way to show your beauty! The night sky beams with the mystery of the stars so why not put mystery on your ankle.

  1. The Sexy Ankle Flower

Ankle tattoo designs 29

This little cutie moves with your walk giving you a sexy looking trot. It is simple but it is you!

  1. The Cat Outline

Ankle tattoo designs 30

Just a hint of your kitty gives you such a pretty ankle tattoo.

  1. Bracelet with a Love Locket

Ankle tattoo designs 31

This is the way to show your sex appeal with a tattoo of bracelet holding your love locket. Then a matching tattoo with a name bracelet to let the world know who holds the key to your heart.

  1. The Eye of the Peacock

Ankle tattoo designs 32

Beautiful Bird and so are you with this sexy tattoo! When the peacock opens up its beautiful tail feathers it looks like a thousand eyes watching you. Now your ankle can give the same effect with this beautiful tattoo.

  1. Baby Elephant

Ankle tattoo designs 33

Great Tattoo that shows you are precious just like the elephant!

When you walk so does your elephant, keeping in step with you.

  1. Sunflower in Bloom

Ankle tattoo designs 34

So are you with this great Sunflower on your Ankle going up your leg. It moves with you giving you real sex appeal.

  1. Sisters in Loving Hearts

Ankle tattoo designs 35

Entwined together in loving hearts each one of you can be sisters!

One of the most appreciated tattoos among sisters!

  1. Anchors Away

Ankle tattoo designs 36

The nautical side of you is in full display with the tiny anchor tattooed on your ankle.

This is a special favorite of many who love boating and those who just love the sea.

  1. Perfect Heart

Ankle tattoo designs 37

For the shyness in you but still depicts that you believe in love. This gives you that special sex appeal for all to see. Take the first step with this beautiful sexy heart tattoo on your ankle.

  1. Anchor and Triangle

Ankle tattoo designs 37

The Anchor for steadfastness and the Triangle a means of measuring the depth of your love.

Hold fast to what you love and never let go! Show it with symbols like tattoos on your ankles.

  1. The Sweet Lil Daisy

Ankle tattoo designs 39

This is a cutie for your ankle giving you that sex appeal that we all like when we walk.

A Daisy A Day! But two for me and You! Shows your love entwined together as one.

  1. Anchor and Triangle

Ankle tattoo designs 40

The Anchor for steadfastness and the Triangle a means of measuring the depth of your love.

  1. The Cross

Ankle tattoo designs 41

Such a beautiful symbol to be placed on your ankle for all the world to see!

  1. Candle Lights

Ankle tattoo designs 42

This is a complete scene on the ankle and foot. It is beautiful and daring shows your desires and sex appeal to everyone. Both legs and ankles tattoo to help tell the whole story.

  1. The Eye of God and Ears to Hear

Ankle tattoo designs 43

Such a wonderful way to show how well you care when you are wearing the Eye of God and Ears to Hear. Very dainty tattoo that many ladies like to wear.

  1. Morning Glory Ankle Tattoo

Ankle tattoo designs 44

The beautiful morning glory flower wrapped around your whole ankle. It is a delight to see and beautiful to wear. The morning glory blooms of the morning but with this tattoo you bloom all day and all night.

  1. The cherished Heart Locket with berries.

Ankle tattoo designs 45

  1. The Cat’s Meow with the Butterfly for Beauty added to both ankles!

Ankle tattoo designs 46

  1. The Triangle and Vine

Ankle tattoo designs 47

Friends for ever with the triangle and heart vine combing your love and friendship. Ladies like these symbols and often use them on the ankles. Make your ankles standout with these precious symbols.

  1. Swirls of laughter and Love

Ankle tattoo designs 48

Seen by the human eye is beautiful and worn by the human Ankle is sexy! It is just like Peering into a cloud so you can use your imagination as to what the markings may mean.

  1. Man in the Moon

Ankle tattoo designs 49

One of our favorites in the tattoo’s as everyone remembers hearing about the man in the granting you one wish. It must be to find the one you love to make the wish come true.

  1. The Cycle

Ankle tattoo designs 50

This is mystery in the making the cycle with blood droppings. Place it on your ankle to show your power and energy.

  1. The Man in the Moon with Stars Falling

Ankle tattoo designs 51

Catch a falling star the same night you see the man in the moon and your true love will stop by before dawn. Brave new world of ladies who wear this artwork of tattoos. But it gives you real sex appeal when you are walking or running.

  1. Pineapple fruit of fruitfulness

Ankle tattoo designs 52

Worn by many to show that they are fruitful and want to multiply. The Pineapples grown in Hawaii are large and succulent. The tattoo is awesome worn on the ankle of a man or woman.

  1. The Crescent

Ankle tattoo designs 53

The moon in quarter with a red glow is one of the petite tattoos that help give your ankle that beautiful look that makes you so sexy. When the moon is a quarter and blood red it is a sign that love is ahead.

  1. Flames

Ankle tattoo designs 54

Everywhere you can see flames running down your ankle. What a beautiful sight!

  1. The Laurel

Ankle tattoo designs 55

The sign of rulers with power. Worn by the Roman Emperors! Gives you grace and dignity worn as an ankle tattoo. Walk with pride and show off your sexy appeal.

  1. The Heart Surrounds the Tree of Life

Ankle tattoo designs 56

Place your Tree of Life inside the heart with your lover’s name added. This is a gorgeous tattoo indeed!

The etching design done all in black adds beauty to your ankle and romance to your life.

  1. The Dragon Tale

Ankle tattoo designs 59

Once upon a time there was a dragon who got entangled inside of the Anchor.

Great Folklore but magical as an ankle tattoo.

  1. The Lotus Blossom

Ankle tattoo designs 60

This beautiful flower is outstanding as a tattoo on your ankle. The wispy way it is portrayed adds elegance to your foot. When you walk your sexy appeal is ever present. Let this flower blossom on your ankles today.

  1. Eloquent etchings

Ankle tattoo designs 61

This is an eloquent display of etchings of flowers and swirls. It moves with your leg and ankle. The ankle looks gorgeous with this tattoo placed in just the right place.

  1. The Devil

Ankle tattoo designs 62

The Devil on display dare to show your boldness! His long tale plus the many sharp horns means business and so do you. Your audience will know that you are not one to mess with.

  1. Japanese Writings

Ankle tattoo designs 63

Dare to be bold with writings that state you are you! Make your ankles stand out as the most glamorous. People will question you about your writings but most of all look at your sexy walk as you move.

  1. The etchings in black

Ankle tattoo designs 64

What a beautiful array of black etchings from your ankle to your foot. There is no reason not to show this off as it gives you real sex appeal. It is so beautifully done all in black making it even more appealing.

  1. The Distinguished Stallion

Ankle tattoo designs 65

What a beautiful manner in showing how you are truly sexy like the Stallion! Great on the Ankle and best shown any time.

  1. Chinese Love Beads

Ankle tattoo designs 66

Everyone loves their beads and these beautiful black love beads move with your ankle. This is the type of tattoo that gives you that outstanding look above everyone else. Wear your love beads with pride!

  1. The Blue Tattoo

Ankle tattoo designs 67

This is a very classical tattoo done in blues and yellows. It shows off your ankle as you move and gives you that real sex appeal look for all to see. It is the era of the Middle Ages brought out in blues and yellows.

  1. Beauty in a Flower

Ankle tattoo designs 68

These beautiful flowers wear well with just about everything you wear! They are gorgeous and move with ease as you take each step. Step to high fashion! Showing your sex appeal to all those who look! Why not have them placed on both your ankles?

  1. Bold and Beautiful

Ankle tattoo designs 69

This is you! Let everyone know who you are and what you Like! Be Bold and Beautiful with tattoos that reach from the ankle to the knee. Tell the world what you are in tattoos.

68. The Pansy

Ankle tattoo designs 70

Sweet Little Pansy is very delicate but oh so beautiful! Show off your ankles with this flower and just a touch more with the blooms around it. Special designs like this gives the woman in you that sex appeal wherever you go.

  1. Wing

Ankle tattoo designs 71

You are in flight with the Wing. It shows off your true self that you are always on the move. This is the way to be sexy without saying a word. Place this tattoo on your ankle and feel inspired.

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