In modern times, piercing and body tattooing have emerged as uniquely creative art forms. Both of these often go hand in hand. You might not have seen a person who has a body tattoo design and not has a piercing in any part of the body. It is a self-expression of individualism and personality uniquely stands out. Moreover, tattoos and piercings show the valor inside you. The use of piercing and tattooing is also for ornamental purposes since ancient times. So, you can consider them timeless means of self-expression.

Presenting the Best of Piercing and Tattooing

At Inkme-Tattoo, we bring you a diverse variety of piercing and body tattooing ideas that are truly unique. We created this exclusive platform out of a need to provide information, inspiration and education about both procedures.

We have followers from all across the globe who love to read our articles and blogs about both art forms. We are in favor of promoting these arts because they belong to our ancestors, Native Americans. They exhibited their identity and tribal belongingness through body art. You can also do the same and the sky is the limit while choosing the tattooing designs and body piercing.

Unique Body Tattooing Ideas & Guidelines

Through Inkme-Tattoo, we display the best tattoo designs for both men and women. We kept the design ideas for both sexes separate. This makes it easy for you to identify the ideas for men and women, separately. You can merge both to present your creative instinct. The choice is all yours.

We are here to provide you info on the latest trends, safety tips and locating the best tattoo artists. This way you will stay up to date with all the recent updates from the body tattooing industry. You do not need to look further to quench your search for body tattooing ideas. We have a lot in store, more than you can expect!

Body Piercing Ideas and Safety Guides

Body Piercing is undoubtedly the most creative yet risky way of self-expression. You can get piercings in different parts of the body, such as ears, eyebrows, lips, abdomen, and belly button. As it involves making tiny holes in your body parts with needles, it may possess potential infection risks, if not done carefully. You need to choose an expert in the field who handles the entire procedure professionally.

To make the piercing process and its potential risks understandable for you, we provide you with comprehensive piercing guides. They will let you know about how to get a piercing with different body parts, risks involved and preventing infections.

We also offer suggestions and ideas to makes piercing fun and exciting. Our tips will definitely come handy when you decide to have your ear, nose, brow or any other body part pierced. Along with caring about your piercing, we also present to you creative ideas on how you can use trendy jewelery items to exhibit piercing creatively.