99 Large Stomach Tattoos to Turn Your Body Into a Work of Art

What’s sleek and sexy and so now? Stomach tattoos for men, stomach tattoos for girls, and plenty of flesh-tastic tattoos that can be hidden beneath your clothes but bared on the beach or even in the bedroom – ooo! In this post we cover some awesome tattoos to consider – and some that aren’t so awesome either. Whether its lower stomach tattoos, side stomach tattoos, small or big, a rose tattoo on stomach or a fierce dragon, for females, women, guy tattoos, whatever, we have something here to cover you. And if you’re worried about stomach tattoo pain? It’s not as bad as some other places, so get ready to rock.

1. Fierce tiger and bearded man stomach tattoos

This tattoo has obviously been started with the bearded man over there on the right and the tiger added at a later date.

2. Foo dog and fish tattoo

This foo dog has captured an interesting looking fish within its sharp teeth. What do you think the symbolism is?

3. A locked heart with angel wings

Sometimes we just want to lock up our heart and throw away the key. Sometimes we just want to let our heart soar.

4. A locked heart with roses

Another heart that’s been locked up. This might mean that this girl’s heart belongs to one person, and one person only.

5. Outline of an owl in flight

This tattoo is still unfinished – it lacks coloring as yet. However the owl is very intricate and would’ve taken some time to outline.

6. Fierce stylized spider

This is one of the coolest spider designs that we’ve seen in a long time. It makes an impact, it’s simple, and not too busy.

7. A pair of colorful flowers in bloom

Many people are attracted to the beautiful colors and patterns of nature – such as this gorgeous pair of flowers in bloom.

8. Mandala in bright orange

There’s plenty of mandala designs floating about, but this is a good one to indicate simple use of color that can create a real impact.

stomach tattoos men

9. The princess tigress

Who knew tigers could be so pretty? This princess tigress is a great way to make the fierce tiger more girly in design – perfect for a female.

10. Pierced wild boar design

This style of tattooing is quite popular at the moment with the red and black. This one is a wild boar pierced with arrows.

11. An intricate love heart dreamcatcher with a twist

While dreamcatcher tattoos are nothing new, this one has a unique spin on the tried and tested design.

12. Roses beyond boundaries

This lower stomach tattoo reminds us a lot of Cheryl Cole’s lower back tattoo with full, colorful blood red roses.

13. The pair of masks interwoven with spiderweb

Tragedy and comedy? Comedy and tragedy? Ah, that is life is it not? Don’t get caught in the spiderwebs of life too much.

14. Horses and roses

This tattoo has a trio of galloping horses over a vibrant trio of roses. Notice the brilliant red of this well-executed design.

15. Indian skull design

The Indian skull design is a popular one but may be culturally insensitive if you do not have Indian heritage.

16. Turkeys on the lam

Gobble gobble gobble! This trio are on the move looking to cause some ruckus! Get out the way before they get you!

17. Once a sailor, always a sailor

Sailor tattoos are always in, whether you’ve been in the Navy or not. This lighthouse design is well though out and stylish.

stomach tattoos female18. Wasted Youth tribute tattoo

This tattoo is a tribute to this fella’s taste in music. Wasted Youth is over here cranking on the boombox!

19. Intricate upper belly tattoo

Sometimes you’re not sure what to get – in which case, an intricate geometrical design is a great choice.

20. Side profile Indian skull

This is another Indian skull design, this time in profile with some bright red and green to make the design really pop.

21. Pirates of the seven seas

Arrrr me hearties! This could really be the artwork for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie – it’s a true work of art.

22. Lighthouse to guide through life

Another lighthouse design for the sailor in all of us. This one features some pretty flowers and a steering wheel.

23. The sacred scarab beetle

The scarab beetle is scared among many different cultures around the globe. It doesn’t have to look scary or ugly in tattoo form – as you can see here.

24. Full chest and stomach dedicated to the ocean

There’s something so calming about the ocean. It’s like an escape. This person obviously thinks so too!

25. Cute pair of deer

Big tattoos don’t have to be scary looking! Check out this pair of super cute deer around the belly button.

26. Colorful foo dog tattoo with peacocks

Take it all the way to the top by making your tattoo as colorful as possible. This is amazing color work – so very fitting peacocks are involved.

27. Horses trotting over the roses

Here are another trio of horses galloping across the belly. They are inset into a gorgeous wreath of flowers.

28. A moth for all time

This black and white moth is at once simple but also intricate. Did you notice the tiny skull lurking just beyond the moth’s head?

29. Scary Asian dragon tattoo

Want to look fierce and fearless? This tattoo certainly does the trick if that’s the goal you are after. Scare lovers away or will they love it?

30. The majestic elephant

The elephant is one of the most majestic animals on the planet and certainly one of the biggest! This is a tribute to this grand animal.

31. Beautiful bird through the flowers

A bird circling through the flowers feels a little like a metaphor for life, that we are in perpetual motion.

32. A set of colorful flowers in full bloom

While there are plenty of flowers that you can choose to tattoo, make sure that you take the time to pick out your favorite blooms for your design.

33. The raddest triceratops

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? This is one of the coolest dino designs that we’ve seen going around. Why not spice yours up like this?

34. Boxing a kangaroo

Ah yes, the old Aussie tradition, kanga boxing. This guy is obviously born to fight – but hopefully not against this fierce fauna!

35. Full colorful moth design

Moths are one of the most interestingly designed creatures in the animal kingdom which makes them a popular subject for tattoos.

stomach-tattoos lower36. Death comes for all

Ah, the Grim Reaper. He will come for all one day. Make your Death tattoo really pop with color and elements like a third eye.

tattoos on stomach37. Eagle carrying a snake

The use of shading in this piece makes a real impact without having to rely on the use of color to carry the style of the tattoo across to the viewer.

38. Sparrows across the stomach

Add to your tattoo collection with sparrows. This oft tattooed design always look sleek and sexy.

39. The Maverick

Do you identify as a bit of a maverick? This girl obviously does! Make an impact and wear your personality across your stomach.

40. Tyrants Tremble + guns

Another boss b*tch, this female has been known to make tyrants tremble apparently! We love the old school feel to this stomach tattoo.

41. The candle that never dies

Shine a light on you! This candle that never dies is presently unfinished but the outline here is an expert job.

42. Emperor riding a tiger

Love Asian styled tattoos? This emperor riding a tiger is a typical depiction of Asian styled tattoo design.

43. The Indian bunny

You don’t need to go literal with your tattoos. We all love bunnies but this one has been done in Indian styling for maximum effect.

44. Intricate skull growing into life

Skull designs aren’t anything new. So what can make your different? Well, an excellent tattoo artist with an artistic idea, for a start.

45. Fierce sexy full frontal dragon design

It helps if you’ve got an amazing rig to pull off a design so fierce and intricate as this one across the whole front of your body.

46. Watch out for sharks!

Shark fever! If you have an affinity with these lords of the ocean then why not have a shark inked on you for good?

47. Angel on high

Angels will forever be popular tattoo designs among the religious among us.

48. Evil is coming once more

This skull is another new take on an old favorite. The blood red behind the eyes and nose hole makes for a stunning design.

49. Snake to end all ages

This is one of the most awesome snake designs that we’ve seen in a long time! We like how they haven’t gone overboard with shading.

50. Sailor sailing the seas

Is that Popeye we spy? Well, maybe a fierce Popeye. Guide your ship anywhere by getting a stomach tattoo like this one.

51. Big Ben is sinking

Time stops for no man. This tattoo is a reminder that all our time on Earth is fleeting – so make the most of it.

52. The Mothman Prophecies

Another killer moth stomach tattoo to consider. This one also has that little skull built in behind the moth’s head.

53. The rare dragon butterfly breed

Love dragons? Love butterflies? Can’t decide between the two for your tattoo? Neither could this girl – why not both?

54. His brother’s keeper

This is a wonderful tribute tattoo, perhaps to his actual brother, or to someone that feels as close to him as a brother.

55. We are all just cogs in the machine

This is a popular style of tattoo, seeing what’s beneath the surface of the skin – tendons and cogs for the most part!

56. Super stylized text

We’ve tried to decipher what exactly this word is for hours – to no avail. However the font is super cool and makes for a rad looking design.

57. Indian style elephant god

Other religions make an appearance in our list of stomach tattoos, too. We love this dot and line design of the elephant god.

58. Symmetrical snakes and text

Snakes ahoy! These intertwined snakes are a metaphor for life. Add to your tattoo collection with a new snake tatt.

59. Panther fighting an eagle

Battle scenes are great if you are working on a large design across either the front of our body or on your back – like this panther and eagle.

60. Extending an olive branch

While we can’t read that Russian up there – this message is all about forgiveness. Extend an olive branch to those you are in conflict with.

61. Tribal and flowers

Tribal tattoos are almost as popular as flower tattoos. This side stomach tattoo covers both of them.

62. Flowers and leaves up to the sternum

If you are a fan of Rihanna’s tattoo but looking for something a little different, then a design like this one that goes up to the breast plate could be for you.

63. In God’s hands

This tattoo is about being in God’s hands, and perhaps welcoming to heaven. An interesting one to consider for Christians.

64. The devil wears horns

Well, this guy isn’t finished yet, but the devil with horns is going to be a little terrifying when finished – which is the aim!

65. Tiger outline

This is another of those fierce designs that incorporates feminine elements to make it a bit less scary and is more popular for females.

66. Hibiscus around the belly button

Hate your belly button? You can always cover it up with a flower!

67. A mythical beast

Designs don’t necessarily need to be of a “real” subject or drawn realistically. Take this stylized mythical beast as an example belly tattoo.

68. Indian warrior vs Indian ghost

This is a wonderful tribute tattoo to Indian culture, blending the old and the new into something beautiful.

3d stomach tattoo69. Diamond and angel wings

Diamond tattoos are popular. Angel wing tattoos are popular. A flying diamond? Ummmm, ok.

70. The wolf goes hard

This tattoo of a wolf that’s been beaten down but is still fighting is perhaps an analogy for this guy’s struggles in life.

71. Mandala and friends (intricate)

Choosing talented tattoo artists means that you can get intricate tattoo designs with very fine lines that actually look great. Check out the fine dot work here – amazing!

72. Upside down cross

We really like how this upside down cross fits all the stylings of the rest of this guy’s tattoos – perhaps they are all done by the same artist.

73. The book tells all

When you are really dedicated to tattooing, it’s often the case that you whole body tells a congruent story. This guy has the key.

74. Pair of love and hope guns

Gang affiliated or not? Some people just really love their guns! These love and hope weapons are locked and loaded.

75. Speak no evil

This tattoo is a different take on the monkeys that do the see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil thing.

76. Beautiful woman in prayer

This tattoo looks almost like a painting. To do a similar tattoo you should hunt for a tattoo artist with a painting-like style.

77. Birds in flight

Love birds? Or even just love what they represent? This pair of birds are exquisitely executed.

78. Full body sacred geometry tattoos

This is one of our favorite designs in this stomach tattoo list. Scared geometry looks amazing tattooed – and across the whole body? Just wow!

79. Intense skull full body tattoos

See how much black ink has been used in this full body design? This man will have spent many, many hundreds of hours in the chair.

80. Wolf baring teeth

This wolf is on the attack, ready to protect his master from any harm that comes his wear. Bear your protector on your skin.

81. Stylized pattern bird in flight

This design looks almost Egyptian in its execution. We love the super bold outline complemented by very fine stippling for shading.

82. Owl be watching over you

Usually when we see bird designs, it’s them with their wings spread. This owl design rocks the boat and looks great as a side stomach tattoo.

83. Like ships in the night

Even if you’ve never sailed on a pirate ship, it doesn’t mean that you can’t dream of it – or think about it ever time you look in the mirror!

stomach-tattoos84. Saint and Sinner

We all have the saint side of our personality inside us, as well as that sinner side. For some, it’s a struggle, for others, maybe easier.

85. A battle with the angel and the devil

Another saint and sinner style design, this one depicts evil as Death with his sickle, and an angel seeking your heart.

86. Medusa has your heart

There’s a lot going on in this tattoo. First that bloody red heart, then the alluring Medusa below, with snakes creeping up around her.

87. The Sirens and their feathered friends

More beautiful women abound on this full front tattoo where they have released their feathered friends. Perhaps this guy too has been set free by a beautiful woman.

88. The old, wise elephant

This elephant has seen a lot in its time! And as we all know, an elephant never forgets. Don’t forget either, with an elephant tattoo to remind you.

89. Foo dog with the third eye

Foo dog tattoos are a particularly popular Asian design. This one has been completed by a master tattooist – you can tell by the brilliant design.

90. Lest we forget

Watercolor tattoos can be combined with regular-styled tattoos for an amazing effect. This tattoo is dedicated to the fallen soldiers.

91. Splintering the cross

This wolf has just a few eyes, right? He’s also chomped and splintered the cross. Perhaps this person has given up their religion for some other purpose.

92. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil

Here we see the full design of the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil tableau. The mummy depiction is particularly interesting.

93. The enchantress

This enchantress or sorceress design is unique in that her crystal ball is actually a skull. Does that mean that death is the future?

94. The Kraken

Release the Kraken! Since we now know that giant squid are a real thing, we’re not surprised sailors thought the Kraken was real.

95. Leaping tiger

More tigers! This one is leaping across the man’s belly ready to pounce on any enemies that come his way.

96. Eagle ready for prey

This is one fierce eagle who’s ready to grab his prey in his talons, then gobble it all up. Beware!

97. Owl and skull pattern

You don’t need to use color to make your entire body a work of art. This is a great example of a stylized skull that remains cool without being scary.

98. Getting to heaven

There are moments in life that remind us of our mortality. This full front tattoo has perhaps been designed after a near death experience.

99. Be my mighty rock passage

Sayings, quotes, and religious passages are always a popular tattoo choice, particularly on the side of the stomach, like this Psalm.

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