79 Amazing Tattoo Ideas That Have Creative Symbols

If you are looking for a new tattoo idea, why not try one with symbols! Many tattoos these days have meaning behind them, gone are the days where people go into a tattoo storefront a choose a picture off the wall. No, people, these days want originality and creativity when it comes to their designs. In short, they want a tattoo that has some meaning behind it, some form of symbolism. It can be hard at times to find a tattoo that truly has meaning behind it. Since the tattoo is going to be a permanent one, you typically want it to have some form of deeper meaning. It may be hard to figure out the right choice that you are still going to love twenty years from now. These days’ tattoos are seen as more of a work of art on the body; they no longer hold the stigma that they once did. Below are 79 amazing tattoos that have creative symbols to them:

1. Cells

This creative design may be a form of cells or something technical. It’s an unusual design however if you are looking for something different.


2. Viking Weapon

This design reminds me of one of the Viking weapons that they typically carry around. The bright red is a great addition to the tattoo as well.


3. Arrows

Where are the arrows pointing to? That’s a question only the owner can answer. Maybe you want the arrows to represent your own journey.


4. Geometric Designs

A unique design that is also creative. It’s quite beautiful and has an extraordinary design.


5. Triangles

Three triangles all joined. This is a great design that can be placed anywhere.


6. Matching Designs

If you want a meaningful tattoo design that you can share with your loved one, then try out this creative tattoo.


7. Dragon Tattoo

A fierce tattoo that could represent strength and toughness for anyone. If you want something badass, then this could be the tattoo for you.


8. Many Shapes

An unusual tattoo design that has many different shapes on the inside.


9. Nautical Symbols

This could be symbolic of your love for the sea or a particular trip you went on.


10. Triangle Design

Triangle designs within each one tangled in the other. It’s a really cool design.


11. Cool Designs

This geometric design looks amazing, if you are looking for a cool design that is sure to be eye-catching then this is for you.


12. 3D Look

This 3D design will really mess with your eyes. It’s a very creative tattoo.


13. Finger Tattoos

These small tattoos fit nicely on the fingers. They create a distinctive look.


14. Small Moon

This small moon is whimsical and fun. If you are looking for a small tattoo design, then this could be yours.


15. Straight Arrow

You don’t get much straighter than this arrow. It’s a distinctive design that is sure to catch some attention.


16. Symbolic Arrow

This arrow design has many different symbols involved in it.


17. Unique Designs

This symbol is truly one of a kind and an overall cool design choice.


18. Lines and Symbols

These types of tattoos are all about symbolism and are a person message to the owner. If you want a unique design, then try this one out.


19. Colorful Triangles

This sketchy design of triangles looks very cool, and the added color just makes the tattoo pop.


20. Floral Designs

A simple wrist tattoo that has a flower in the middle, a truly unique design.


21. Anchored Arrow

This unusual arrow design resembles anchor. It’s small and black, so it’s not a big commitment.


22. Eternity Anchor

The eternity symbol is a popular tattoo choice, and many people add different elements to it, in this case, it’s an anchor.


23. Colored Designs

This arrow design has a burst of green that really pulls the look together. If you want a cool design, you really can’t go wrong with these symbols.


24. Lettering

It’s hard to say whether this is lettering or a symbol. It’s elegant and more of a feminine design.


25. The Crow

I love this design because it looks like it was painted on with a paintbrush. It’s truly a work of art that anyone would love. The dark scratchiness of it makes for a really cool design.


26. Music Notes

If music is your life, then this might be the perfect symbol for you. It doesn’t have to be large.


27. Creative Symbols

This creative symbol is one of a kind, and it’s small enough that it can be placed anywhere.


28. Double Triangles

A simple design made up of two triangles, but it creates a cool looking design.


29. Creative Look

A great tattoo that not only looks cool but has a special meaning as well.


30. Small Symbolism

Tiny tattoos are great for people who don’t want a big commitment. They want something small with meaning that they can keep to themselves.


31. Witchcraft

There are many Wiccan and witchcraft tattoos that can symbolize your own beliefs in many different ways. This is a popular one, and it does fit perfectly on the wrist.


32. Circle

It’s rare that someone would just tattoo a circle to their shoulder, so there has to be some strong symbolism to the tattoo. It could be attached to a loved on or an event in her life.


33. Gem Shapes

This gem shaped design makes for a unique tattoo choice.


34. Multiple Designs

These symbols look cool, and a whole design was created by using the symbols over and over again. It makes for a pretty cool hand tattoo.


35. Colored Triangles

These are all the earth elements; we have the fire, water, and the earth. If you are one with nature, this could be the perfect tattoo for you. The colors really go well together to create this amazing design.


36. Swirl Design

A great design that is unusual and wonderful. If you are looking for something different, this one is pretty cool.


37. Finger Designs

Tiny swirl designs are perfect for the finger because they are subtle yet cool to look at.


38. Diamond in the Rough

Feel like a Princess? Why not adorn yourself with the most precious jewels. A diamond on the wrist will remind you that you must treat yourself to the very best.


39. Unusual Symbols

Small symbols in a row, sending their own message. They hold a uniqueness that not all tattoos have.


40. Circular Symbols

Another example of a circular design that has some impact.


41. Tiny Owl

This great design is topped with an owl, which creates not only a different design but one that will prove to be eye-catching.


42. Double Arrow

These two arrows have crossed into a moon sphere. It’s a great design for anyone that likes the arrow tattoos.


43. Eternity Symbols

This eternity symbol has the ocean waves on the inside of it. If you have a love for the sea, then consider this as a tattoo choice.


44. Dark Triangles

This dark triangle is surrounded by some other elements that bring the design together.


45. Strong Designs

This is a strong design that a tough guy would surely love. I love the strength behind the symbolism.


46. Zig-zag Designs

These V`s make up a great design that really stands out.


47. Cross Designs

A design that is both symbolic and down right awesome. If you are looking for a cross tattoo, then you will probably like this one.


48. Falling Down

This is a great design that looks amazing on the back of the neck.


49. Personal Message

If you are looking for a tattoo that only means something to you, then choose a symbol like this one. No one else needs to know the message behind it.


50. Greek Letters

Create your own personal message by using Greek letters, and speak your truth to the world.


51. Always

A symbol combined with the word Always sends a strong message.


52. Labyrinth 

This tattoo design resembles a maze, and it looks awesome.


53. Symbolic Designs

I love this design; it’s so creative. If you want something amazing, then try this one out. A great design with a cute message at the bottom.


54. Bracelet Tattoos

This tattoo is one that we haven’t seen in awhile. It’s the armband tattoo, and it can be any type of symbol.


55. Lotus Flower

This purple lotus flower is rather extraordinary. I love the coloring involved, and the design is so cool. If you are looking for something that will catch someone’s eye, then this is it.


56. X Marks the Spot

This great design is rather awesome because it’s strong and shows a toughness to the person that owns it.


57. Cool Tattoos

A great design that looks awesome. It can be for show or left hidden in that spot.


58. Create a Design

A small design that is so unique that people will comment on it despite the size.


59. Geometric Love

A leaf made out of geometric shapes. You can’t get a much cooler design than the ones made from shapes. They are custom and original.


60. Great Designs

Another great example of a tattoo made with unique shapes. I love this design and the shading it has.


61. One Triangle

One triangle to make a statement on your wrist.


62. Elegant Designs

A great design that’s elegant and small enough to keep to yourself.


63. The Bow

This bicep tattoo looks like a bow or even a pine; it’s hard to say, but it’s a cool design.


64. Tricep Tattoo

Plenty of triangles for this tattoo design and they fall along the tricep.


65. Good and Evil

This tattoo symbolizes the struggle we have between our dark side and out light. There is a lot of great detail in this tattoo and some symbolism towards our internal struggle.


66. Chemistry Message

This symbol is intricate and detailed. It’s so delicate that it looks like it could be touched and destroyed easily. A great tattoo if you want something awesome.


67. Double X

These two x’s are attached and what does it mean? I’m not sure, but there is something sexy about this little wrist tattoo.


68. Just a Flower 

Just one flower sitting in the middle of the wrist.



69. Colors

These symbols are all in a row and very colorful together. Each symbol is a different color.


70. Colored Mountain

This mountain tattoo is broken up into three parts that are each a different color.


71. Symbols

Another great tattoo design that is just a symbol that can be placed anywhere.


72. The Lightning Bolt

These shapes are all brought together with a lightning bolt in the middle. It’s a very creative design that is sure to make anyone happy. If you want something different, this could be the tattoo for you.


73. Arrows

Another great arrow tattoo. These are very popular right now because they typically make for a very cool design. These are great tattoos that can be placed anywhere.


74. Forks in the Road

This tattoo could be symbolic of the many forks in the road that lead to our true destination in life. It could mean many different things, but it’s a great tattoo design, and it could go anywhere.


75. Wiccan Star

A great tattoo design that can be left hidden or brought out for show. It’s a dark tattoo that doesn’t need any color to be cool.


76. Show me the Way

A great tattoo that is sure to bring you joy because it’s such an incredible design. If you are looking for an arrow tattoo then why not use a nautical one that can point towards a person you love or to a destination that you want to remember.


77. Wings

A great tattoo design that can be put on both legs to match. A great tattoo that is sure to catch the eye.


78. Pointing Down

A great tattoo that is pointing somewhere important and only you know where.


79. Heart Shaped

This is a sweet design if you are looking for a more feminine design.


These are all great tattoo designs that you are sure to love. Pick one and then find a reputable tattoo artist to create it for you. We hope you enjoyed the article. Comment on your favorite tattoo designs below.

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